Hard Kaur: We lack in platforms for real hip-hop music in India!

August 12, 2017

Hard Kaur speaks about her first biggest hip-hop mixtape, collaborating with eminent artists and people she admires


In a candid chat, the queen of Indian hip-hop Hard Kaur spills the beans on the biggest, most authentic and banging mixtape of Indian history so far, getting about 30 artists on board and her upcoming projects.

Tell us something about The Rising.

Not only is it the first of its kind, its the first biggest Hip-hop mixtape in Indian history featuring 30 artist from all over the globe and exclusively on Apple Music. I’m super proud of this independent project.

How did inception of this project happen?

I’ve been trying to push the movement for more than two decades and end of last year I decided I needed to do something for Indian hip-hop and for other artists. I had already made some beats with D boy and started my label Future Records & Hiphop Association Movement few years back. So I started searching for rappers who deserve to get pushed and getting the tracks recorded.

How difficult was approaching and getting all the artists together?

Well, it’s been a lot of hard work, sweat and tears and late nights because of time zones. It’s almost impossible to get so many tracks done with so many artists in the frame of six to seven months and I don’t think any other artist spends their own money to push other artists. I approached a lot of artists, some have been wonderful to work with and some really appreciate the opportunity and some are just plain pain the ass.

How was your experience shooting for the album?

It was amazing as the whole video was shot on an iPhone 7 plus which I’ve never worked with for a video shoot.  We at TeamDG usually only work with ARRI and RED digital family with wide range of professional lenses and expensive equipment. It was a new and exciting experience for us to work with the IPhone 7 Plus for the first time to shoot this video for Hard Kaur TeamDG.

International personality whose work you admire?

There are so many great artists I admire. I grew up admiring artists such as KRS1, Nas, Busta rhymes, Gangstar etc and beat makers such as Alchemist and Dj premier but the person who I must salute to is Dr Dre.

Is there someone you would love to collaborate and work with?

I would love to collaborate with Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music. Also, I would love to collaborate with some one old school as I mostly grew up listening to 90s Hip-hop and that would be Wu Tang Clan.

As compared to the west, what is that India lacks when it comes to hip-hop culture in music?

I don’t think we lack anything on the music side because I’ve witnessed some amazing rappers and some great music. Where we are lacking is in the support system and the amount of platforms created for real hip-hop music in India.

What’s next?

We are ready to drop the debut single of my artist Satinder next. He’s a sufi style artist but I’ll be producing the sound to create something fresh for him. This is the kid to watch out for.


Sumeet Vyas: Hope the show will be in my benefit!

August 08, 2017

Sumeet Vyas speaks about his upcoming adventure reality series; hopes the show will help him know more about himself

You know him best as the romantic, boy-next-door Mikesh from Permanent Roommates. Now, get ready to know him as Sumeet Vyas as the actor is all set to explore himself through his upcoming adventure reality series, Stupid Man, Smart Phone. In a candid chat, he speaks about facing his fears, knowing himself and his journey so far. Excerpts from the interview…

Sumeet VYas

Tell us about the show, Stupid Man, Smart Phone.

It is probably the first time that an internet platform like Voot is trying to adopt a show that has already done so well internationally. It has never been seen on Indian television either. It is a non-fiction show which is why I got interested in doing the show. I haven’t done much of non-fiction. BBC is the producer of the show and Vodafone is the network partner. The idea came from how addicted we are to our smart phones. From that early morning message to the last message before you go to bed, from how to comb your hair to where to eat, we are constantly on our phones. In that sense, smart phones have become our dearest friends. The idea is that if you are in a remotest location, in a jungle, mountain or a desert, can your smart phone help and rescue you from the situation.

Have you watched the original international series?

I watched the first few episodes of the original series to get the gist of what the show is all about. I didn’t watch the whole show as I want to do my own thing here and not get influenced by it.

What do you think would be the basic difference from the point of view of Indian audience?

It would be completely different. We are a completely different breed of people. We are inherently warmer people than the people in the west. Apart from that, I don’t know much about the jungles of Tamil Nadu so I have no idea what to expect, apart from snakes, insects or probably a tiger or lion. I hope my smart phone is going to come to my rescue by telling me what and how to cook when I am hungry and dying.

You will be out in the forest on your own. What are you more concerned about?

Not that I am aware of, actually. Presently, I cannot think of any fear as such. Rats are the only creatures I am afraid of. I get really freaked out with rats. I hope hang out with them a lot there. I am excited about the show because I will get to know more about myself through the show. I have never been in such situations so I am not aware of what I am afraid of and how I will react to a given situation. My adventures have been road trips which I keep doing every two months. I know what can go wrong on a bike trip. But I have never stayed in a camp or never cooked on a stove, in that sense I will also get to know more about myself.

This is the first show where people will be seeing much of Sumeet Vyas. Do you have some inhibitions with regard to it?

As far as I don’t have to be naked on the show I am fine with it. I hope the audience get to see the good side of me and not the weird and freaky side of me.  I hope the show will be in my benefit.

You have done exceptionally well for yourself in all the three mediums; television shows, films and web-series. How do you look at your journey so far?

It has been great and I wouldn’t want to change much of it. Journey is too bigger a word; it has just started, in fact. Journey starts from the time when people start to know who the hell you are. So far the journey was for people to know who I was. Now, that they know, the journey starts and it is time to do some good work.



Aaman Trikha: Being praised by SRK is surreal!

July 28, 2017

Aaman Trikha speaks about lending his voice to the Baadshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, his bucket list of music directors he wants to work with and more

Aaman Trikha’s latest song ‘Butterfly’ in Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming film Jab Harry Met Sejal, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharm, is already topping the music chartbusters. In a candid chat, he speaks about singing for A-listers in Bollywood, his inspiration and his upcoming projects. Excerpts from the interview…


Butterfly’ happens to be your first song with Shah Rukh Khan. How were you approached for the song?

Yes it is and the first ones are always special. I want to immensely thank Pritam da, Imtiaz sir and the producers for giving me this opportunity to be the voice of Shah Rukh sir.  As soon as the song was played to me in the studio, I was instantly hooked on to Pritam da’s catchy melody and Irshad ji’s beautiful lyrics. The out and out Punjabi flavour grew more on me as I started recording the song and enjoyed the whole experience to the core.

Shah Rukh also recently praised you for the song on micro-blogging site. How does it feel?

Oh, the feeling is quite surreal! And being the biggest superstar, how generously he interacts and acknowledges is something very heartening. It was a pretty sweet gesture on his part to write that I had given life to the song, and I’ll cherish that forever. I’m ever thankful for this kindness. It’s every singer’s dream in Bollywood to sing for King Khan and for me it was extra special as I’ve been one huge fan of his persona and the kind of passion, hard work he instils in his work.


You have sung for most of the A-listers in Bollywood. How do you look at your journey in the music industry so far?

I’m thankful to God to introduce to those music composers who gave me the opportunities to sing for from Amitabh Bachchan to Salman Khan. The journey wasn’t smooth for sure, but every day every experience leaves a lot to gather and learn.

Do you have a list of people you would want to work with in future? If yes, who is topping the list currently?

There are so many who inspire me and whom I want to work with. The list tops AR Rahman , Vishal Bharadwaj, Sanjay Leela Bhansali , MM Kreem , Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Amit Trivedi, Mithoon , Vishal – Shekhar , Sachin-Jigar , Amaal Mallik ,Sajid – Wajid , Tanishk to name a few. And there are so many new composers who are superb and it would be great fun working with them.

Who do you consider as your mentor from the industry?

Every person who holds true in my musical journey has taught me something or the other. Starting from my Guruji, Ustaad Maqbool Husain Khan saab who identified the passion I had for my music to Himesh ji who believed in me. Since then he’s always been a great mentor. Ram Sampath sir, Ismail Darbar ji and Pritam Da too have been great guiding lights and I get to learn not just about technical nuances, but also about the life lessons.


Who other budding singers do you think has high potentials?

There are a lot of them. Naming one and not the other won’t be right on my part.

How difficult is singing in languages not known to one?

It’s quite a challenging task. But I love to sing them. I love the vibe each language offers to you. One has to think of itself as a native of that particular language and then get your grammar and dialect right. Otherwise, you may be grammatically right but a wrong dialect won’t make you connect with that language audience. And then there are translators to help you out if you get stuck somewhere during the recording.

Have you received formal training in singing? How important do you think it is to be formally trained before singing?

Yes, I’ve been learning Hindustani Classical Music under the guidance of Ustaad Maqbool Husain Khan from Rampur Sahaswaan Gharana. It’s a prestigious asset to have as a singer. In my view, the formal training is utmost essential if your aim is to be a playback singer, because it gives your voice that versatility with control. It enriches and polishes the voice for the best which helps you to understand melody and rhythm more efficiently.

Did you always wanted to be a singer?

Music always fascinated me since childhood and playing keyboards was one of y favourite hobbies. In 2005, I was in my first year engineering when I discovered that I could sing. Since then, I had always aimed to be into this music industry and carve my niche here.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects.

There are loads of projects that I’ve recorded for, but unaware of its releasing status. So once that is clear, I’d love to share them.  I’m exploring into independent music scene as well and coming up with my single called ‘Ishquaa’ which is a romantic melody.  Plus there’s another romantic song which I’ve done for a Marathi movie called ‘Fakt Ekdaach’ and a motivational song for an upcoming Gujarati movie.

Flora Saini: I am in love with Ram Gopal Varma!

June 25, 2017

Flora Saini speaks about working with Ram Gopal Varma for the second time in his upcoming horror flick Geher


After her predominant presence in south film industry, Flora Saini has been showing off her acting prowess in Hindi projects like Dhanak, Lakshmi and Begum Jaan. The actress will now be seen in her second outing with Ram Gopal Varma, Geher, which is a horror flick.

Speaking about the film, she said, “Geher is a psycho – horror thriller kind of film, very different. I’m a big fan of RGV. And the two subjects that he masters are that he’s a king of horrors and gangster dramas. It was fun, to have touched both these different genres, and you actually get to see a different side of him and his imagination in both. I had a very funny question to ask him. Do you get scared watching your own horror films? But jokes apart, I’ve realised that horror as a genre is the most difficult out of all. There’s so much that goes into it, it’s unfathomable. You can tell how good a director is by watching his work. And RGV is surely one of them.


As Geher happens to be her second project with the director after Guns & Thighs, she speaks about how it was working under him. “I’m in love with RGV, I can just keep saying that. I have worked with almost all his assistants in the south who are doing extremely well and are top notch directors. And whenever I worked with them they would always say, ‘You have to work with boss someday, you must work with him.’ And later I met him too, this was long time ago, he didn’t offer me any work back then. Guns & thighs and Geher just happened like out of the blue to be honest. And it was wonderful having got the chance to work with him,” she said.

Elaborating more, she added, “Ram sir never sits! Like literally, he takes his coffee mug in his hand and keeps walking all over the set, thinking.  Even if he is talking to you, sometimes he’ll just zone out. That’s how he is but he is a wonderful director and a person too.”

The film also stars Mithun Chakraborty. How was it working with the veteran actor? “Unfortunately, I have no particular scenes with Mithun da. I’m such a big fan of all his films. He’s such a legend! Learning and watching him has been so much fun. Most of the times I would just hang around the sets to watch him perform, it’s so brilliant,” she averred.

Talking about her upcoming projects, she added, “Next that’s coming is Inside Edge which is a web series, by excel entertainment, directed by Karan Anshuman.  The teaser is already out and the trailer is going to be out soon. This one’s for Amazon. It’s first original series on cricket, something I’m very excited about. It releases next month.”

Sumedh Mudgalkar: I always wanted to be an actor!

June 25, 2017

Sumedh Mudgalkar speaks about his upcoming Marathi film, his love for acting and more

sumedh 2

After his claim to fame from a dance reality show, Sumedh Mudgalkar made his acting debut in Dil Dosti Dance. He also won hearts with his negative stint in Chakarvarti Ashoka Samrat. Now, the young lad is all set to make his foray into the films with an upcoming Marathi film titled Manjha. In a candid chat, he speaks about working with veteran actress Ashvini Bhave and taking up negative character at the start of his career. Excerpts…

How did Manjha come your way?

I was called up for this role but I wasn’t able to get on board as I was supposed to start some other project. Surprisingly, that project got scrapped. Here they tested me for this role and fortunately I’m was chosen.

How was it working with Ashvini Bhave?

You really do have a little anxiety when it comes to working with senior actors. But here, my experience was really comfortable, she is humble, she got us comfortable I can say. It was a pleasure to work with Ashvini ma’am.

You claim to fame was a dance reality show. How did this change from dancing to acting came about?

I always wanted to be an actor. I was just waiting for an opportunity to understand how it works, and how I should go ahead with it. Gradually, I got the answers.

What do you enjoy the most dancing or acting?

I equally love both. But lately I’m more into acting.

Although you made your acting debut in Dil Dosti Dance, your turning point was Chakarvarti Ashoka Samrat. Did you have any reservation before doing the negative character at the start of your career?

It was a difficult decision ofcourse, but somehow I wasn’t worried about my on-screen image getting affected. I just wanted to learn acting as much as I could through the show to make myself capable enough to go for big roles in future.

What are the responses you have been getting for the trailer of Manjha?

I am overwhelmed with the response. I felt really good seeing others liking it. My people are curious to know about the subject the movie is based on. The film is releasing on July 21 and my fans just can’t wait to watch me on the big screen.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I prefer not to think about it for a reason. But I hope everything would be fine.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

We’re in taking terms now. So there’s nothing confirmed as yet.

Gulshan Grover: Have taken inspiration from Big B!

June 20, 2017

Gulshan Grover says Amitabh Bachchan is a living example of how you can be a hero as long as you want 

Mumbai:  Actor Gulshan Grover during the Lokmat Maharashtra Most Stylish Awards in Mumbai on Jan 31, 2017. (Photo: IANS)

After returning as the villain in recently released film Behen Hogi Teri, Gulshan Grover will be seen playing the hero in a web-series named after his iconic character Badman. In a candid chat, Bollywood’s favourite antagonist talks about receiving international acclaims and his journey so far. Excerpts from the interview…

Badman has been invited to be screened at the Moscow International Film Festival and London Indian Films. How does it feel?

I cannot tell you how excited I am.  It feels wonderful. It has just dawned upon me that a good content cannot be contained. In the film Badman the hero of the film is Gulshan Grover. This film which was meant for the internet for the digital audience has broken boundaries. The film is being screened in London at five different cinemas because of its popularity.

How did Badman happen?

It is India’s first mocumentary feature film. All the characters in the film are real. People are playing themselves where Gulshan Grover is a popular Bollywood actor known as Badman, Mahesh Bhatt is a well known director, Manisha Koirala is Bollywood’s popular actress who has recently defeated cancer and many others. Everybody played what they are. But the scenes are created so it is called mocumentary. It is India’s first mocumentary feature film.  This is also the first time iconic character played by an actor is the name of the film and the same actor has been chosen to play the hero of the film.

How has your journey on Bollywood been so far?

My journey has been tremendous and it is especially exciting now. If you look at the cinema around you, the characters of villains have disappeared. I had a film that released recently Behen Hogi Teri n which I played a villain and now I have a film named Badman in which I play the hero which is breaking boundaries internationally. I am at a very exciting and interesting stage of my career. I have learnt this from Amitabh Bachchan ji who taught us that that you can be a hero as long as you want. It doesn’t matter if your beards have turned white; it all depends on how good you are what you do. He changed it completely for all of us. Having taken inspiration from him I learnt that if you have it in you no changing scenario can affect you.

You have been part of many films, Bollywood, Hollywood and world cinema. But you have never been vocal about it.

Yes it is true that I have never been vocal about it. I see this happening now and I wish I had spoken about it earlier. I believe that there is nothing wrong in amplifying you achievements. But also, the time I started getting offers from Bollywood the situation was very different. Once I started doing Hollywood films, people used to say wo bhaag gaya (he ran away) while I was right there in India. People used to think that I won’t do Bollywood films once I start getting paid in dollars so I used to hide the fact that I have worked in Hollywood films so that I get work back home in India. There was so much negativity about people working in Hollywood that I did not make much noise about it.

There is a drastic change in the portrayal of villains in Bollywood films as compared to earlier times. What do you think about it?

I think it is interesting. Cinema tries to portray what is there in real life. When you look around yourself, there is no ugly looking gunda badmash type of people around you.  It is the sweet talker in you office and elsewhere who is the evil most of the time. This is how life is and if this is how life is then the cinema has to be like that too. Even the portrayal of hero for that matter has changed.

We don’t have such lager than life villains anymore. Has anyone been able to make even the slightest mark in the negative role in recent times?

Unfortunately there is none. There is nobody. And it is not the actors but the script is such. This is how the production and story has gone into. I am all excited about the new emerging avenues.


Gippy Grewal: Bohemia has a unique voice texture!

June 18, 2017

Gippy Grewal on his latest foot-tapping track, potentials of rapping in India and more

Actor Gippy Grewal (4)

Gippy Grewal’s latest peppy track, ‘Car Nachdi’ has recorded a million hits within a few days of it release. This song is his yet another successful collaboration with Bohemia. In a candid chat, he speaks about the inception of the song, his association with Bohemia and actors singing in movies. Excerpts…

How did ‘Car Nachdi’ happen?

It happened with much difficulty.  I had visited USA about two and a half years ago and there I saw some low riders that you don’t see it here so commonly. Then I had composed a song where I had used these cars. But I found this the concept of cars so amazing that I didn’t think it would be worth to use them in that song and that it required a special song. So I did not release the song that I had composed then. I wanted to use them in a video where those cars would be required in real sense. Then I came up with a concept where a boy is telling a girl that when he sees her, not only his hear but also his car dances for her.

This is your yet another hit with Bohemia. Tell us about your association with him.

I have known Bohemia for a long time now. Our first song came out in 2006-07. We come out with our track in every two years or so. The kind of voice texture that Bohemia has, not every kind of song suits him. When I came up with Car Nachdi, I thought with the kind of beats the song has, if it would have Bohemia’s rap in it, it would have an international appeal.  I approached him with the song. He liked it and agreed to do it.  I have worked with many rappers, but the kind of voice that Bohemia has, it is something different.


What do you think about the popularity of rappers as compared to the regular Bollywood singers?

I believe that people who do good work do get recognised; be it Honey Singh or Badshah or Raftaar for that matter. We have number of movie singers but rappers we have only a handful of them. When more and more people will take up rapping, it also will gain popularity. For example, Bohemia is not a Bollywood singer. He has an altogether different zone of singing. And he is the best in what he does. Badshah was the first one to listen to the first line of the song ‘Car Nachdi’. He told me this is going to be a hit. So it is all about hard work. The ones who will work hard will grow.

You have been one person who has not only been a successful actor but also highly appreciated and accepted singer. However actors in bollywood have been at the receiving end for trying their hand in singing. What is your take on the same?

I think people appreciate what is good irrespective of anything. I have sung songs, acted in films and also directed films. Farhan Akhtar in Bollywood has been one fine example of someone who is not only known for his acting skills but also his singing. So I don’t see a problem with actors trying their hand at singing.

Vishal Mishra: Salman is a mentor and guide to me!

June 18, 2017

Vishal Mishra speaks about working with the actor for a Marathi song, actors making their foray into singing and more

Vishal Mishra 2

Vishal Mishra is currently riding high on his career. With his kitty full of projects, the composer-singer spills the beans on his upcoming projects, his desire to come up with singles and significance of singing reality shows. Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us something about the song, ‘Pyaar Ho’.
The song happened because of Sabbir sir’s vision. He was very clear about what kind of song he wanted for Tiger and Munna Michael because this is the only love ballad that we had and he inspired me to create this tune. It is a very feel good and romantic ballad which is sung and composed by me. Sunidhi Chouhan has sung the song with me. ‘Pyaar ho’ is very special to me.

How were you approached for Munna Michael?
I had met Sabbir sir during Baaghi and the interesting part is that I sang ‘Sab tera’ in the initial version of the song. Then later on Armaan Malik did a very good job with that. He liked my voice and he also heard some of my compositions and he became very fond of them. For this movie he called up and said he wanted me to do a song and then ‘Pyaar Ho’ happened.

You had Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur sing for you. How was your experience working with them?
Working with Salman or Iulia or anybody who is at the epitome of their talent is very learning. It feels wonderful to see how people who are at the top of their game are so humble. Salman is like a mentor and guide to me. I love him for everything. It is always a blessing to share a stage or a song or anything ever with him.

Was it difficult for Salman to mouth Marathi lyrics? How do you think he fared as a singer?
Surprisingly, I was expecting him to finish the recording in like two-three hours but he finished it in 45 minutes. His knowledge in Marathi is better than me for sure. Together we cracked it and Gacchi happened, I am glad that it did.


You have composed about 14 songs for FU-Friendship Unlimited. Tell us about your experience working on those compositions.
It was a lifetime experience. Composing 14 songs and giving two years of your life is hard and creatively draining. Now when I look back at it, I feel very grateful that it happened. I believe any opportunity where you get to compose so much and learn so much is great.

You have been a participant and winner of a singing reality show. How much does a reality show help a budding singer?
Reality shows just gives you a platform and makes your struggle time a little less. It gives you a lot of confidence as you get used to singing in front of people. But otherwise I guess the struggle is same and it teaches you how to uphold yourself and how to go ahead with your career. For me it was a blessing at it gave me an opportunity to stay back in this city. All said and done, you have to do your hard work and you have to be good at what you do.

There are so many actors who are trying their hand in singing. What are your thoughts on the same?
I think it is very good for the industry. They all are very good at it. I feel it eventually helps Bollywood. Well, I am game. Hopefully, I will be part of songs where actors would be singing for me.

Do you think professional training in music is necessary in today’s age of digitalisation and technology?
I think basic training of anything is very necessary because it is important for you to know what you are doing. But then there is no substitute to hard work. One has to be prepared for all the opportunities that we get.

Do you have any acting aspirations?
Someday I want to be an actor in a movie that I direct and only I watch (laughs). No aspirations as such. I just want to concentrate on my music. I criticise my music the most and if I will be good at it, I will be very happy.

With singles making their comeback, do you have anything on the lines any time soon?
Nothing to be announced but I am working on like six songs that I always wanted to express. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the year. People will get to know what is there in my heart. While composing songs for movies you are given deadlines and you are under pressure. But it is beautiful in its own sense. But in singles it is all about you. So I would love to express myself through a single.

Amit Mishra: Everybody wants to sing for Salman Khan!

June 18, 2017

Amit Mishra speaks about his latest track ‘Radio’, working with Pritam and list of people he wants to sing for


Amit Mishra, the voice behind the most talked about song, ‘Radio’, says appreciation for his songs is a great motivation for him and he feels blessed for getting so much love.

At a recent meet and greet session organised at the Hungama office in Mumbai, the singer spoke about how he bagged his chartbuster songs. “For ‘Bulleya’, it was a normal vocal audition. I got a call from the studio. I sang the mukhda of the song and then after a couple of weeks later, I went back to the studio for recording the song again. I recorded the song three times. It was a tough song but was a great experience. Similar thing happened with ‘Radio’ too. It is a fun song and we had a lot of fun singing that song as it had words that we use it in our daily lives. It was like a conversation. The song is really doing well. As an aspiring singer everybody wants to sing for Salman Khan. It was really an honour,” he said.

What makes the ‘Radio’ song different? ‘”Radio’ song has this typically desi approach. It is typical Bollywood masala song. I got a lot of calls from radio stations. They were happy that they have got a song of their own now. It is composed by one of the living legend Pritam Da,” he added.

Amit has worked with Pritam for the fourth time. Speaking about working with the best of music directors, he said, “I would say Pritam da has been the best because he has been the senior amongst the ones I have worked with. I got to work with the best of the best team with Pritam da. Music directors are my mentors. They have taught me many things; they have also reprimanded me many times. Everybody has their own take and perception on music and everybody has equally contributed in my life.”

Who tops the list of people he wants to sing for? “I would love to sing for Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn, Sushant Singh Rajput and the list goes on. But the question is which composer I would like to sing for. Because no matter on which actor your song gets featured, it is the composer who is the priority,” he added.

When asked what he enjoys the most, singing in studios or performing live, he averred, “I enjoy the studio sessions the most because we can do that any time of the day. But performing live also gives a different high. It has a commercial value. But my first love would be studios.”

About his upcoming projects, he added, “I am working on singles which will probably release in a month’s time. We are still working on it and looking forward to it. I would also be coming up with my individual music soon.”

Flora Saini:  I’m very familiar to Marathi!

June 16, 2017

Flora Saini speaks about her upcoming Marathi film Pari Hoon Main, her character and accent


After showing off her acting stints in films down south and Bollywood, Flora Saini is all set to make her debut in Marathi films. The actress will be seen in Rohit Shilwant’s Parin Hoon Main.

Speaking about how she bagged the film, she said, “Pari Hoon Main came my way because the director of the film Rohit Shilvant had seen Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dhanak and that’s how he approached me for the film and also the producers of Yogayatan films felt that for this role they need somebody who has got a lot of glamour because that’s what the role is all about, because that’s the only glamorous character in the film. So these are the two reasons why I was cast for it.”

Elaborating more about the film, she added, “The film is about a lower middle class family that has big aspiration and dreams about getting rich and it’s a story of their journey from being from a lower middle class family to rising up to fame and what all they go through and how life is a journey of ups and downs and in the end love is all that matters. So it’s a very beautiful relatable movie, a lot of people can relate to it. It’s a very different subject not like a regular run-of-the-mills kind of subject. It’s very touching and beautiful.”

The actress will be seen essaying the role of a glamorous actress in the film. “I play an actress in the film that’s why I’m all the time dolled up since it’s a role of an actress. It’s like she has her attitude, she liked being friendly and all but there’s this attitude of being a celebrity in her. It was fun playing this character because you do not usually get such roles,” she said.

Did she learn Marathi for the film or was well versed with the language? “I know a little bit of Marathi but I’m not very fluent with the language. I can speak Telugu now which I had absolutely no clue about being a Punjabi. Living in Mumbai, I’m very familiar to Marathi. It’s a little like Hindi. Not difficult to understand although I can’t speak much. But fortunately my role in the film does not require talking a lot of Marathi,” she added.

On being asked if it was difficult to understand and mouth Marathi accent, she averred, “Not very difficult actually, because staying in Bombay you’re so used to listening to people speak in Marathi language and so you can easily pick up the accent. Since I’m playing a very refined role in the film,  so I had that attitude,  I can get away with having a slang accent so it kind of helped me to have my first film role which didn’t need a lot of Marathi language or accent.”