Hard Kaur: We lack in platforms for real hip-hop music in India!

August 12, 2017

Hard Kaur speaks about her first biggest hip-hop mixtape, collaborating with eminent artists and people she admires


In a candid chat, the queen of Indian hip-hop Hard Kaur spills the beans on the biggest, most authentic and banging mixtape of Indian history so far, getting about 30 artists on board and her upcoming projects.

Tell us something about The Rising.

Not only is it the first of its kind, its the first biggest Hip-hop mixtape in Indian history featuring 30 artist from all over the globe and exclusively on Apple Music. I’m super proud of this independent project.

How did inception of this project happen?

I’ve been trying to push the movement for more than two decades and end of last year I decided I needed to do something for Indian hip-hop and for other artists. I had already made some beats with D boy and started my label Future Records & Hiphop Association Movement few years back. So I started searching for rappers who deserve to get pushed and getting the tracks recorded.

How difficult was approaching and getting all the artists together?

Well, it’s been a lot of hard work, sweat and tears and late nights because of time zones. It’s almost impossible to get so many tracks done with so many artists in the frame of six to seven months and I don’t think any other artist spends their own money to push other artists. I approached a lot of artists, some have been wonderful to work with and some really appreciate the opportunity and some are just plain pain the ass.

How was your experience shooting for the album?

It was amazing as the whole video was shot on an iPhone 7 plus which I’ve never worked with for a video shoot.  We at TeamDG usually only work with ARRI and RED digital family with wide range of professional lenses and expensive equipment. It was a new and exciting experience for us to work with the IPhone 7 Plus for the first time to shoot this video for Hard Kaur TeamDG.

International personality whose work you admire?

There are so many great artists I admire. I grew up admiring artists such as KRS1, Nas, Busta rhymes, Gangstar etc and beat makers such as Alchemist and Dj premier but the person who I must salute to is Dr Dre.

Is there someone you would love to collaborate and work with?

I would love to collaborate with Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music. Also, I would love to collaborate with some one old school as I mostly grew up listening to 90s Hip-hop and that would be Wu Tang Clan.

As compared to the west, what is that India lacks when it comes to hip-hop culture in music?

I don’t think we lack anything on the music side because I’ve witnessed some amazing rappers and some great music. Where we are lacking is in the support system and the amount of platforms created for real hip-hop music in India.

What’s next?

We are ready to drop the debut single of my artist Satinder next. He’s a sufi style artist but I’ll be producing the sound to create something fresh for him. This is the kid to watch out for.


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