Sumeet Vyas: Hope the show will be in my benefit!

August 08, 2017

Sumeet Vyas speaks about his upcoming adventure reality series; hopes the show will help him know more about himself

You know him best as the romantic, boy-next-door Mikesh from Permanent Roommates. Now, get ready to know him as Sumeet Vyas as the actor is all set to explore himself through his upcoming adventure reality series, Stupid Man, Smart Phone. In a candid chat, he speaks about facing his fears, knowing himself and his journey so far. Excerpts from the interview…

Sumeet VYas

Tell us about the show, Stupid Man, Smart Phone.

It is probably the first time that an internet platform like Voot is trying to adopt a show that has already done so well internationally. It has never been seen on Indian television either. It is a non-fiction show which is why I got interested in doing the show. I haven’t done much of non-fiction. BBC is the producer of the show and Vodafone is the network partner. The idea came from how addicted we are to our smart phones. From that early morning message to the last message before you go to bed, from how to comb your hair to where to eat, we are constantly on our phones. In that sense, smart phones have become our dearest friends. The idea is that if you are in a remotest location, in a jungle, mountain or a desert, can your smart phone help and rescue you from the situation.

Have you watched the original international series?

I watched the first few episodes of the original series to get the gist of what the show is all about. I didn’t watch the whole show as I want to do my own thing here and not get influenced by it.

What do you think would be the basic difference from the point of view of Indian audience?

It would be completely different. We are a completely different breed of people. We are inherently warmer people than the people in the west. Apart from that, I don’t know much about the jungles of Tamil Nadu so I have no idea what to expect, apart from snakes, insects or probably a tiger or lion. I hope my smart phone is going to come to my rescue by telling me what and how to cook when I am hungry and dying.

You will be out in the forest on your own. What are you more concerned about?

Not that I am aware of, actually. Presently, I cannot think of any fear as such. Rats are the only creatures I am afraid of. I get really freaked out with rats. I hope hang out with them a lot there. I am excited about the show because I will get to know more about myself through the show. I have never been in such situations so I am not aware of what I am afraid of and how I will react to a given situation. My adventures have been road trips which I keep doing every two months. I know what can go wrong on a bike trip. But I have never stayed in a camp or never cooked on a stove, in that sense I will also get to know more about myself.

This is the first show where people will be seeing much of Sumeet Vyas. Do you have some inhibitions with regard to it?

As far as I don’t have to be naked on the show I am fine with it. I hope the audience get to see the good side of me and not the weird and freaky side of me.  I hope the show will be in my benefit.

You have done exceptionally well for yourself in all the three mediums; television shows, films and web-series. How do you look at your journey so far?

It has been great and I wouldn’t want to change much of it. Journey is too bigger a word; it has just started, in fact. Journey starts from the time when people start to know who the hell you are. So far the journey was for people to know who I was. Now, that they know, the journey starts and it is time to do some good work.




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