Flora Saini: I am in love with Ram Gopal Varma!

June 25, 2017

Flora Saini speaks about working with Ram Gopal Varma for the second time in his upcoming horror flick Geher


After her predominant presence in south film industry, Flora Saini has been showing off her acting prowess in Hindi projects like Dhanak, Lakshmi and Begum Jaan. The actress will now be seen in her second outing with Ram Gopal Varma, Geher, which is a horror flick.

Speaking about the film, she said, “Geher is a psycho – horror thriller kind of film, very different. I’m a big fan of RGV. And the two subjects that he masters are that he’s a king of horrors and gangster dramas. It was fun, to have touched both these different genres, and you actually get to see a different side of him and his imagination in both. I had a very funny question to ask him. Do you get scared watching your own horror films? But jokes apart, I’ve realised that horror as a genre is the most difficult out of all. There’s so much that goes into it, it’s unfathomable. You can tell how good a director is by watching his work. And RGV is surely one of them.


As Geher happens to be her second project with the director after Guns & Thighs, she speaks about how it was working under him. “I’m in love with RGV, I can just keep saying that. I have worked with almost all his assistants in the south who are doing extremely well and are top notch directors. And whenever I worked with them they would always say, ‘You have to work with boss someday, you must work with him.’ And later I met him too, this was long time ago, he didn’t offer me any work back then. Guns & thighs and Geher just happened like out of the blue to be honest. And it was wonderful having got the chance to work with him,” she said.

Elaborating more, she added, “Ram sir never sits! Like literally, he takes his coffee mug in his hand and keeps walking all over the set, thinking.  Even if he is talking to you, sometimes he’ll just zone out. That’s how he is but he is a wonderful director and a person too.”

The film also stars Mithun Chakraborty. How was it working with the veteran actor? “Unfortunately, I have no particular scenes with Mithun da. I’m such a big fan of all his films. He’s such a legend! Learning and watching him has been so much fun. Most of the times I would just hang around the sets to watch him perform, it’s so brilliant,” she averred.

Talking about her upcoming projects, she added, “Next that’s coming is Inside Edge which is a web series, by excel entertainment, directed by Karan Anshuman.  The teaser is already out and the trailer is going to be out soon. This one’s for Amazon. It’s first original series on cricket, something I’m very excited about. It releases next month.”


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