Flora Saini:  I’m very familiar to Marathi!

June 16, 2017

Flora Saini speaks about her upcoming Marathi film Pari Hoon Main, her character and accent


After showing off her acting stints in films down south and Bollywood, Flora Saini is all set to make her debut in Marathi films. The actress will be seen in Rohit Shilwant’s Parin Hoon Main.

Speaking about how she bagged the film, she said, “Pari Hoon Main came my way because the director of the film Rohit Shilvant had seen Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dhanak and that’s how he approached me for the film and also the producers of Yogayatan films felt that for this role they need somebody who has got a lot of glamour because that’s what the role is all about, because that’s the only glamorous character in the film. So these are the two reasons why I was cast for it.”

Elaborating more about the film, she added, “The film is about a lower middle class family that has big aspiration and dreams about getting rich and it’s a story of their journey from being from a lower middle class family to rising up to fame and what all they go through and how life is a journey of ups and downs and in the end love is all that matters. So it’s a very beautiful relatable movie, a lot of people can relate to it. It’s a very different subject not like a regular run-of-the-mills kind of subject. It’s very touching and beautiful.”

The actress will be seen essaying the role of a glamorous actress in the film. “I play an actress in the film that’s why I’m all the time dolled up since it’s a role of an actress. It’s like she has her attitude, she liked being friendly and all but there’s this attitude of being a celebrity in her. It was fun playing this character because you do not usually get such roles,” she said.

Did she learn Marathi for the film or was well versed with the language? “I know a little bit of Marathi but I’m not very fluent with the language. I can speak Telugu now which I had absolutely no clue about being a Punjabi. Living in Mumbai, I’m very familiar to Marathi. It’s a little like Hindi. Not difficult to understand although I can’t speak much. But fortunately my role in the film does not require talking a lot of Marathi,” she added.

On being asked if it was difficult to understand and mouth Marathi accent, she averred, “Not very difficult actually, because staying in Bombay you’re so used to listening to people speak in Marathi language and so you can easily pick up the accent. Since I’m playing a very refined role in the film,  so I had that attitude,  I can get away with having a slang accent so it kind of helped me to have my first film role which didn’t need a lot of Marathi language or accent.”



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