Randeep Hooda takes up environmental issue!

June 2, 2017

Randeep Hooda takes up to the social media to create awareness about an environmental issue


Randeep Hooda is one amongst the actors who are active in social media not only to connect with their fans but to also spread awareness about certain social issues.  After his earlier post on social media and micro-blogging sites where he urged every individual to embrace peace and harmony, he is at it again with yet another message, this time an environmental one.

Reacting to a report in one of leading dailies which stated that 87 acres of the mangroves will be cut for a sewage plant in Mumbai, the actor expressed his utter disappointment and anger. He wrote on his micro-blogging site, he said, “This is utterly stupid… there is easily land available outside of the mangroves. They are needed all along the coastline and can’t be shifted.”

The actor even went to the extent of visiting the place himself which strengthened his earlier reaction to the reports. He posted, “Took a trip up the #Malad creek today finding solutions to the mess. Saw Pink Flamingoes and other birds #mangroves being cut never a solution.”

He also posted a video showing a flock of the pink beauties and added, “#PinkFlamingos for all who think that #Mangroves are not forest…cutting them for a waste plant is not an option @AfrozShah1 @PMOIndia.”

After this, Randeep went live on a social media and posted a series of videos showing the kind of waste that is being dumped in the major creeks of Mumbai including Versova, Malad and Lokhandwala creeks. He also urged people to take responsibility and not just sit and blame the Government.

In the last video, the actor says that the point of posting all those videos was to make people aware of these issues.  He also urges people to just stop liking and disliking posts and get into hateful debates. He also adds that tweets and retweets do not make any difference to the environment and that we need to go out there and do it ourself.

Randeep Hooda had recently spoken about religious insecurities in India through his social media account where he suggested that that the media (and social media of course) are responsible for spreading fear and insecurity amongst us all, irrespective of our religions, castes and other differences.




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