Tejaswini Kolhapure: Shraddha is very close to me!

May 4, 2017

Tejawini Kolhapure speaks about her upcoming short film Panipat, her inclination towards music and relationship with her niece

Tejawini 2

Bollywood’s leading directors like Imtiaz Ali, Madhur Bhandarkar, Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary have come together to bring out the key message through everyday stories of India through four different short films for a television channel as part of Mission Blue campaign. And joining this bandwagon is none other than national Award winning director Hansal Mehta’s son Jay Mehta with his film Panipat which starsTejaswini Kolhapure and Nagesh Bhosale in lead part.

Speaking about the film, Tejaswini said, “It is basically a short film made by director Jay Mehta. It revolves under the issue of water. It addresses the issue of water disparity.”

How much does she personally subscribe to the idea of water conservation? “The issue of water conservation is extremely important and need of the hour. It actually should have happened many years back but now through various mediums, it is reaching people. I don’t know how long people will take to understand this issue. We talk about rain harvesting during rainy season but we don’t really take up and it is high time that we do. So basically I am glad to be part of something like this,” she added.

Speaking about her experience of working with Jay Mehta on his directorial debut film, she said, “It is a very interesting thing to say but I met Jay for the first time on the sets of Ugly. Anurag Kashyap had actually introduced me to him. He was praising Jay by saying that he is a very hardworking lad and that he has got a great future. It is wonderful how some people stand out from the rest. I spoke to him then and now he is directing his first film with me.  He is extremely clear on his vision which is great for a first timer. He was able to explain to me every scene. He is young and dedicated. I think he really has a fantastic future.”

Tejaswini has done it all, be it modelling, acting or theatre. But she also hails from a family with musical lineage. So has music ever been on her mind? “It is now that I am learning classical music. I used to do regular singing but then I tool another route in my career. Now I want to understand classical music so I am exploring it,” she averred.

Her niece and Bollywood actress Shradhha Kapoor has not only been making waves with her acting but also with his singing talent. Speaking about her, Tejaswini said, “I am extremely proud of her. Padmini Kplhapure has also sung songs for her own films during her acting days but not as much as what Shraddha has done today. Incidentally, both Padmini and Shivangi (Kolhapure) both started off as playback singers. This was before Padmini got into acting. But Shraddha has been doing both acting as well singing which has become more acceptable today among the actresses.”


Talking about the kind of relationship she shares with the young actress, she added, “Shraddha is very close to me. Now she is super busy with all her commitments. But whenever she has time we hang out together. We discuss each other’s lives and all other things. And this holds true for all us three sisters. We all are pretty close.”

The actress is also a mother to a beautiful daughter named Vedika. When asked if motherhood has taught her something, she said, “It has taught me to be more patient and calm. Acting has helped me a lot to be a mother because I am being able to make more stories for her. So I think my daughter is going to grow up to be a good story teller.”

What next after Panipat? “I have just finished shooting for a film called Good Morning Sunshine which is directed by National Award winning director Sanjoy Nag. It has got Revathy, Rituparna Sengupta and Shweta Tripathi. It is an issue based story on sanitation,” she concluded.


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