Hitting the right note!

April 29, 2017

Guru Randhawa speaks about debuting with Bollywood with his latest song in Irrfan Khan starrer Hindi Medium, his acting aspirations and more

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After marking his presence with his chartbuster songs in the Punjabi industry, Guru Randhawa makes his foray into the Bollywood industry with his latest track in Irrfan Khan starrer Hindi Medium. In a candid chat, he speaks about his debut in Bollywood, signing Punjabi films and upcoming projects. Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us something about the song, ‘Suit’.

Suit is my independent song that released in 2016 and was received well by my fans and audience. It garnered a lot of love and appreciation from my audience. Now, in the year 2017 ‘Suit’ will feature in the movie Hindi Medium starring Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar and directed by Mr Saket Chaudhary. The song fits the situation of the movie well, wherein Irrfan Khan sir is seen as playing the role of a suit seller who has a shop in Chandni Chowk. My songs are based on inspiration from simple, everyday things in life and that formed the basis for the idea of the song ‘Suit’.

How did you bag the song?

I am a signed artist with T-series, who are also the producers of the film Hindi Medium along with Maddock films. The song suited the situation and the script of the movie well and this is how it got selected.

Did you use the original song or changed it to suit the Bollywood temperament?

The lyrics of the song have been changed a bit according to the story line of the movie, for example the word ‘Chandni chowk’ has been added, so the song goes like, ‘Chandni Chowk ch tabahi je paayi aa, puchde ne munde dasso kudi kitho aayi aa.’ However, the spirit and the music of original the song has been retained in the movie.

Now that you have debuted into Bollywood, is there any wish list of directors or actors you want to work with?

I have just entered Bollywood and hopefully I will go a long way. For now, working with Irrfan sir was a very enriching and memorable experience. I got to learn a lot from him. He is such an inspiration for everyone, his way of working is absolutely brilliant and yet he is very humble. For future, I have not decided anything as to whom do I wish to work with, but as and when opportunities come my way, I will take them ahead. So let’s see what in store for future.


Lately lots of old Bollywood numbers and regional tracks are being remixed. What are your thoughts on the same?

Yes, the latest fad in Bollywood is of recreating the old Bollywood tracks. According to me, everything that entertains the audience is good. If these songs are being accepted so well by the viewers then there must be something to it. As long as the songs are entertaining and our audience enjoys them, there is no harm in it.

You are a popular name in the Punjabi industry. Is there anyone from the Bollywood music industry that you look up to?

Well, not anyone in particular, but I listen to a lot of Bruno Mars music.

Who from amongst the Bollywood actors, do you think your voice will suit the best?

It is difficult to comprehend beforehand as to who will suit my voice the best. It is rather unpredictable. Like, Irrfan sir is famous for his serious roles, but he is such a versatile actor that I feel glad that I got the opportunity to debut in the Bollywood industry with him as a representative of my song. In fact, when I met him I told him that you have made my song really big by starring in it.

Do you have any acting aspirations as well?

Yes, I do. In fact, I am trying my hand at it. I have signed two Punjabi movies where I will be seen in the lead role. Hopefully, my audience and fans will extend the same love and support for my new venture as they have for my songs.

Tell us something about your future projects.

Well, in future I will continue writing, singing and releasing my independent songs, as it is my music that has made me reach this stage in life. Other than that, I will also be doing two Punjabi movies where I am playing the lead role. My song ‘Suit’ was just released in Irrfan Khan starrer Hindi-Medium. The year 2017 is going pretty good till now and hopefully the same shall go on in future.


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