Pia Bajpai: Darshan is a method actor!

April 17, 2017

Pia Bajpai speaks about her experience working with the actor and her upcoming projects

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After creating an impact with her character in Laal Rang, Pia Bajpai has once again garnered praises for her latest film Mirza Juliet. In a candid conversation, she speaks her heart out about her journey in showbiz so far, her background and more.

Tell us something about the film and your character in the film.

Mirza Juliet is a love story. It has action, romance, thriller and drama. This is a small town love story. My character name is Juliet Shukla. She is a fearless and independent girl. She follows her heart and she is very innocent as well. She is born and brought up with three brothers with lots of pampering and all. She is like a wild soul.

You also hail from Uttar Pradesh, like your character in the film, how much can you relate to the character?

I relate to the character because I am also from Uttar Pradesh. I have a good hold over the language. I am as independent and as fearless as Juliet Shukla (my character).

How did Mirza Juliet happen?

Jogi Malang who is one of the leading casting directors of Bollywood called me for the auditions. After the auditions, I met my producer-director and the whole team of Mirza Juliet and later I got to know that I am doing the film.


Your character in the film will be mouthing some foul languages. How comfortable were you doing it?

Though my character is seen abusing and all. Once you get the context in which it is said, you will know it is done out of innocence. Of course, I wasn’t comfortable initially. I had to rehearse for three to four days for it.

What other preparations did you have to do for your character in the film?

I didn’t prepare particularly for my character but you definitely need to get into the skin of the character which is what I did. I did rehearsals for my language, for the slang, for the abuse and all.

How was your experience working with Darshan?

Working with Darshan has been very good experience because he is from Naseeruddin Shah Sir’s school. So it is interesting to know that you can do the same craft in so many different ways. He is a method actor. It was a very lovely experience.


You have been among the actresses who have done both films in the south as well in Bollywood. How different do you think is both the industry?

The only difference that I feel about the south industry and Bollywood is that of language. Everything else is the same.

How do you look at your journey in the industry so far?

I am happy with my journey so far. I have worked really hard for this. I recently got appreciated in Laal Rang. People will surely like Mirza Juliet as well. I am looking forward to doing more good work. I am really excited.

What are the actors you would love to work with?

I don’t have any wish list as such. I just want to do good work. This is my second film in Hindi so more than any actors or something I would like some good projects to come my way.

Tell us something about your background. Did you always wanted to become an actress?

I am from a small town in UP. I did my 12th from there and then I moved to Delhi. I used to take tuitions. I was a receptionist for a while. This whole thing was a sort of preparations to come to Mumbai. In Mumbai, I started as a dubbing artist. I also did commercial arts. While doing so, I did a south film. I worked in Khosla ka Ghosla and that film did really well at the box-office. I did back to back films. After doing south, I thought I should now concentrate on Hindi films. For a year I didn’t do any work and then I bagged Laal Rang. And while doing Laal Rang, I got Mirza Juliet.

Tell us something about your future projects.

I haven’t signed anything as such. From the day the trailer got released, I have got some really interesting offers. I am pretty sure I will surely sign something very good soon in Hindi. I have also done a Tamil film which cannot say much about right now.


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