Kavita: Would love to collaborate with Elton John!

April 1, 2017

Kavita Seth speaks about the changing music scenario in India, Sufi songs in Bollywood and her upcoming projects

She is Bollywood’s one of the most versatile singers. While she is all excited about her upcoming song in Vidya Balan starrer Begum Jaan, Kavita Seth opens her heart out about her experience of working with Anu Malik for the first time, her wish to judge a reality show and collaborate with Elton John. Excerpts from the interview…


You are one of the most versatile singers of the industry and Vidya Balan is also one of the most versatile actresses we have. Your thoughts about the same…

It feels wonderful to have sung for such a talented actor like Vidya Balan. I’ve always admired her work and I was thrilled when I was offered the song. I think we live in a day and age where the only key to success is being versatile and connecting with your audience in different innovative ways. Be it any form of art, this definitely holds true.

You collaborated with Anu Malik for the first time for this song. How was your experience?

Yes, it was my first collaboration with Anu Malik. It was a wonderful experience.


You have been in the industry for long to see the changes it has gone through. What do you think about the current music scenario in India?

I think independent music is flourishing in the most beautiful ways and I’m indeed very fortunate to be a part of this movement. Collaborations with different artists and different music are something that people want to hear and nothing more is exciting for an artist.

You had, in one of the interviews, said that Bollywood has helped Sufi by making it a different genre. Do you think it is being used in its purest form or it too has undergone some changes with time?

The genre of Sufi music has been popularised even among the younger generation, thanks to its reach. There are a lot of songs that pretend to be Sufi songs by just using words like ‘Maula’ and ‘Khuda’. But there are also lots of beautiful songs that celebrate the divine spirit of Sufism.

With actors trying their hand in singing, do you think, with technology, the practice of trained singing will get hamper in any way?

I think everyone should stick to the craft they are really good at. Actors should act and singers should sing.

Have you ever been approached to judge a reality show? If no, would you love to explore such an opportunity?

I’d love to judge a reality show, preferably a music reality show for kids. Love their innocence.

Apart from the array of music directors you have worked, who remains your all time favourite?

‘Iktara’ has been a turning point in my journey in Bollywood. Amit Trivedi is like a younger brother to me. All my songs with him have been truly special be it ‘Khari Khari’ from Trishna or ‘Murabba’ from Bombay Talkies.


Along with playback singing, you have performed extensively. Which one of the two, do you think, is more challenging? What do you enjoy the most?

Both Bollywood and live performances have their own charm. However, live performances are where an artist’s soul lies. Performing in front of an audience has an energy that can only be experienced. You receive instant feedback and are able to be one with them.

How much does awards and appreciations matter to you?

Awards are just a way to be recognised for your work. However, it’s the audiences’ feedback and love that actually means the most to me. When people at a live concert request one of my album songs I feel innate happiness. It’s inexplicable joy.

Which is one genre of music that you have not yet tried your hand at but would love to do so?

There is no such genre that I particularity wanted to do but I would love to collaborate and sing with Elton John.


From the current lot, to which actress do you think your voice suits the best?

I think it would be Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone and Konkana Sen.

Which is your all time favourite song?

‘Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai’ from the film Pyaasa.

One song from the current films that you wished you had sung.

I love ‘Jag Ghoomiya’ sung by Neha Bhavik. I would have loved to sing it.

Apart from begum Jaan, what can your fans expect to hear from you in coming times?

I’ve sung a song in Raveena Tandon starrer Maatr. I’ve also composed one of the songs in the film. Something I’m really excited about is one of my upcoming personal projects where I’ve rendered the work of legendary writer and poetess Amrita Pritam. I can’t wait to share it with world. It’s truly special.


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