A melodious take!

March 25, 2017

Akriti Kakar speaks about her appearance on an upcoming radio show, her inspiration and future endeavors

The voice behind many foot-tapping chartbusters, she can be soothingly melodious and spiritedly peppy at the same time. Akriti Kakar, in a candid conversation, speaks about her passion, inspiration and aspirations. Excerpts from the interview…

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Tell us something about your radio show.

Actually, Big 92.7 FM is coming up with this show for Navratri dedicated to nine singers who are singing nowadays in Bollywood independently. I was considered as one of them. On the show I have spoken about my women inspiration. I also spoke about my musical inspirations, my learning, travels, and my show experiences and about many other things.

Who has been your inspiration?

When I started, my biggest inspiration was my mother who has done so much in life. Even the Taanpura that I have is the one she had bought from her scholarship money. Like many others, obviously Lata Mangeshkar ji and Asha Bhosle ji has inspired me a lot. From the current musical arena, I love Mahalaxmi Iyer and Begum Parveen Sultana. From the international scene, I really look up to a whole lot of singers. Also, many people have done so much in their career that it is really worth looking up to them.

What has been your all time favourite song from among the one you look up to?

It is such a difficult thing to choose one from body of work they have done. Something that comes to my mind right now is ‘Lag Jaa Gale’.

Do you enjoy non-film music more or Bollywood music?

I don’t think you can pick one from the two. Both have their independent charm. In Bollywood, you get to sing for other people, for some particular character, which is quite challenging. Independent music is also very important for a singer as it allows you to portray as exactly who you are. That in itself is a huge challenge.

What is the genre you enjoy singing the most?

I enjoy singing melody the most. I am not a rock, metal or hard rock loving person.

With actors crooning for their own self in their films, do you think somewhere down the line classical training in singing is taking a back seat due to technology?

Of course everybody is using technology nowadays. But it is all about when you up on stage and sing. People do come to know they are not stupid. I know so many singers who are not singing many songs in films but they are very good on stage and I would love to respect them so much more than a person who sings on an auto-correct in a studio. It is great if an actor can sing but it doesn’t really make for a long lasting song. Amitabh Bachchan ji sang ‘rang Barse’ but the context was different. Singers know their work the best and same goes with the actors. Aise toh singers ko bhi acting shuru karni chahiye. It can definitely be an USP for a film.

Do you have acting aspirations?

No I don’t have any acting aspirations. I have always wanted to be a singer all my life. I have never known anything else. I give face only to my own music video.

If approached for judging a singing reality show, would you love to try your hand in the same?

Yes, why not? I would love to host something, to judge something. If it is something lucrative enough and something respectful, I would take it up.

Tell us something about your future projects?

There is a lot of entertaining music lined up. I would love to compose some interesting stuffs.


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