Shilpi Sharma: Dilwale songs are perfect kick start for a night

21 December, 2015

Actor-turned-DJ speaks about her latest remixes of Rohit Shetty’s multi-starrer Dilwale’s songs


Actor/ DJ Shilpi Sharma is all set to make her fans lose their soul to her exuberant music fused with pumping beats in her latest remixes ‘Gerua’, ‘Manma emotion jaage’ and ‘Tukur tukur’ from the film Dilwale.

How does it feel to be India’s first actress to turn into a DJ?
I feel very happy and top of the world and it’s a great feeling that I did it and people will remember me as India’s first actress DJ but above all for the music that I have created.

The songs of Dilwale are already topping the music charts. Do you think you will be able to enhance them with your remixing skills?
Yes, I am very happy that Dilwale’s music is a super hit. Out of six songs, I have remixed three of them. The original songs are so beautiful and pumpy that it was a challenge for me to remix them. But I did my best and I am happy that remixes have been appreciated equally.

What different are you planning to do with these songs?
I have made all the three songs different from one another. Obviously, as a DJ I want them to be played at the clubs and at every party. What else I had in mind is that all the other DJs should play my mixes in their gigs. Mostly when a song releases, people make their own mixes but I have made all my songs in such way that my songs will be played maximum.

What are your views on these three songs as a listener?
Well, they are all my favourites. While ‘Gerua’ is a larger than life kind of song, ‘Tukur tukur’ and ‘Manma emotion jaage’ are peppy and songs that you could dance on. They really keep the mood high and going. They are just perfect to kick start a night.


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