Sayani: Kalki has not met Farhan in last two years!

14 April, 2016

Sayani Gupta, who shares a special bond with actress Kalki Koechlin, states rumours of Farhan and Kalki being together, is rubbish


Sayani Gupta, who starred alongside actress Kalki Koechlin in Margarita With A Straw, has developed a great equation with the actress. Stating Kalki as her biggest support system, she said, “Kalki is one of my closest friends. You become friends with someone when you identify with them and like them and stuff. I am really proud of the kind of body of work she has.”

Elaborating more, she added, “Kalki is extremely hard working and I really look up to that. She is great with her time management and I admire that in her and want to learn from her. We also have a same approach towards acting. We both are from the theatre background. And we have done theatres together after Margarita With A Straw called ‘Trivial Disasters’. Our attitude towards acting is very similar. We even have same approach towards life. We are very simple people and that is what bonds us also. We like to have fun and we like to be honest and that is about it. She is a very big support system in my life and I am very happy that I found her.”


Reportedly, Kalki has been held responsible for Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna’s separation. Both Farhan and Kalki are also apparently moving in together. When asked Sayani if all such reports affect Kalki, she said, “It doesn’t affect her. We laugh about it. She hasn’t met Farhan in two years. It is really funny. There is lot of creative writings that journalists do.”


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