Naved-Sayeeda: We already feel like winners!

22 January, 2016

Power Couple Naved Jaffri and wife Sayeeda make a comeback on the show as wild card entrants on popular public demand


After coming into danger zone along with Apurva and Shilpa, Naved and Sayeeda were eliminated from Power Couple by the other safe couples in the villa. Although, their absence was highly felt after the couple left, it would no longer be so as the Power Couple are all set to make a comeback on the show as a wild card entrant.

Speaking about being back on public demand, Naved and Sayeeda seemed highly elated. While Naved feels great to be back on the show, Sayeeda said, “It feels good. It feels more powerful. We were on the top when we got eliminated. I am glad that there was public demand. Our social media accounts were flooded with posts asking us to come back on the show. I am happy that we have such a huge fan following. I think I am more pumped now than before.”

Speaking about what made take up the show in the first place, Naved said, “I haven’t done something like this before. I have done it when I was in school and all that. I have done shows like Boogie Woogie and Paisa Vasool but I never did any show as a couple. In real life you don’t get to do all these things. I wanted to do something new and different and so I decided to give it a try.”

Initially, both Naved and Sayeeda were hesitant on coming on board. “We initially did not wanted to be part of the show. There are various reality shows on television nowadays where people are seen abusing each other. We didn’t want to part of something like that and lose our respect. But then I was approached by Sony and I have always had a very special relationship with the channel. They met me and explained me what kind of a show this is and so I agreed,” Naved added.

People on social media are speculating on Naved and Sayeeda being the winner of the show. Talking about it, Sayeeda said, “We win or lose it doesn’t matter. Coming back on public demand has already made us a winner in the eyes of our fans! We already feel like winners! I hope our fans continue to love us and I also hope we live up to their expectations.”


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