Kavita Kaushik is a friend more than a co-star

April 26, 2016

Gopi Bhalla of F.I.R fame speaks about his forthcoming new show with the actress after a year



After entertaining the audience for nine years and a year’s sabbatical, Gopi Bhall and Kavita Kaushik are back together once again in a new show Dr Bhanumati On Duty. In a candid chat, the actor speaks about his take on comedy shows, upcoming projects and more. Excerpts…

Tell us something about your new show Dr. Bhanumati on Duty.

I did F.I.R for nine years and after that Kavita Kaushik and I are coming back together once again in Dr Bhanumati On Duty. We were supposed to start the show earlier but producers of the show and the channel decided to bring the show after IPL. So it was postponed. We are yet to start shooting for the show but as far as the script goes, fans of F.I.R will surely enjoy this show too. Kavita Kaushik plays the role of an army doctor and I play the role of her assistant.

How is Kavita Kaushik as your co-star?

Kavita is not my co-star, I am Kavita’s co-star. She is a very nice person. We have been part of a show for nine years so you can image the kind of bond we all shared on the sets. We used to do our breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Although, nine years seems like a very long time, years just rolled by us and we didn’t even realise. That much fun we used to have. As far as Kavita is concerned she is very caring and helpful. Our chemistry on the show was evident and it is the same outside the show too. More than a co-star she is my friend. To live alone in the city and come up ahead on her own abilities is really a great thing and Kavita has managed to achieve it.

Would you like to try stand-up comedy some day?

I was recently shooting with Krushna Abhishek and he asked me the same thing. Although I have not done it so far, I would definitely love to give it a shot.

You are also doing a film. Tell us something about that.

I am doing a film titled Full 2 Jugaadu. The film stars Krushna Abhishek. I am playing the role of a estate agent in the film. My character is called ‘Mama ji’. It is a very funny role. I enjoyed shooting for the film and even Krushna told me that he had a great time shooting with me. I am also doing a film with Anupam Kher productions. The film has Anupam Kher, Jimmy Sheirgill and others.

What is your take on the present day comedy shows on television?

I won’t do this double meaning comedy. I have done so much work in my lifetime and my fan base has mostly been children and family audience. I have rejected so many offers for the same. I would sit at home without work but I won’t do this. I won’t say double meaning dialogues and encourage vulgarity. I remember I once met Sakshi Tanwar at a party. She had told me that now that I have become known and popular, after F.I.R, either I should do some fine work to maintain my standard. And by the time, I should wait patiently and not take up something in haste. I want to go up from here and not come down.



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