Kapil Pathare: We can’t really stay away from cricket

30 November, 2016

Entrepreneur-cum-author Kapil Pathare speaks about his second book, A Tall Order; dedicates the same to his father’s true passion for cricket


A successful Author, Biker and Entrepreneur Kapil Pathare is all set to launch his second book A Tall Order. Sharing his father’s undying enthusiasm for cricket, Kapil Pathare traces the cricketing careers of ten best cricketers from India in the last 25 years. In a candid conversation, he speaks more about the same. Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us something about the book?
The book is about a galaxy of stars of Indian cricket who descended on the cricket field at almost the same time, but left us with ever-lasting memories. Each of the men featured in the book have bought laurels to India in their unique way. The book is all about a tribute to ten men who were unarguably, the demigods of Indian cricket.

How did the idea of second book come to you?
Indian cricket has always been about great individual performers, but when we look at each of the individuals mentioned in the book there can be no doubt that this was a fascinating era for Indian cricket which led to me conceptualising this book. There was no debate on the choice of these ten cricketers for they made headlines, and made cricket a sport to for all of to fall in love with.

From being a businessman to nurturing your keen interest in cricket…how do you manage both?
Well, I feel cricket as a sport also has a business element, which I had mentioned in my earlier book ‘Cricket to Corporate’. Lot of strategies in board room and cricketing field gives you a similar thought process. So I feel being in love with cricket as a sport keeps your mind working in new business strategies. My life is all about following my passion. I have followed the footsteps of my father, who was similar in that he followed his passion to the fullest. That has what has helped in me following different fields at the same time.

You have dedicated your book to your father. Tell us about the kind of bond you shared with him?
A man who sacrificed his cricketing career and became a business icon of famous VIP Innerwear Brand has always been my mentor, well-wisher, motivator, friend and most importantly a true human being. He has been a true motivator for me to keep watching cricket live at stadiums in different parts of the world thereby allowing me to explore the true feeling of the sport. While writing the book, I shared the chapter on Yuvraj Singh, one of his favourite cricketers, with him and took his inputs. I feel writing this book and publishing it this year when he left us for the heavenly abode, gives me a feel of being with him. This book is a true dedication for his utmost passion-cricket.


The foreword is written by Sanath Jayasuriya…any special reason behind it?
Writing about the stalwarts of Indian cricket also needed someone who knows them very well. Sanath has been one such player who has played with all the Indian cricketers mentioned in the book. I guess Sanath writing a foreword says a lot about the true character of these gentlemen and their contribution to Indian cricket over the years.

Did pressure of taking family business forward kept you away from cricket?
As I said cricket as a sport also has strategies which can be applied in boardrooms. Similarly, I feel when I am in my business mode with work pressure I am still playing cricket, you can say chasing targets is like chasing a target in a high-pressured ODI. So all these situations ensures that I am never away from either work or from cricket. As a true lover and viewer of cricket games and with today’s technology, I feel we can’t really stay away from cricket.

How has cricket inspired you?
Cricket has been a passion for me since my childhood. I think cricket as a sport is a very good example of how patience, passion, determination and focus can help you achieve a lot. I am glad that there are lots of cricketers about whom books can be written for everyone to learn from.


What apart from your business and cricket keep you going?
As an avid biker, I love to explore various places of India on road as my work makes me fly all the time. So biking is one thing I do every Sunday morning as it is like meditation for me. Travelling to various countries and understanding that country’s culture is also a passion.

Do you yourself love reading? If yes, what genre?
I am a voracious reader of various books online and offline during my travel. My favourite topics to read are non-fiction topics like sport, travel and management.

How is Kapil Pathare at home?
A family person who spends time with family and friends when there is cricket match on. A calm, thinker and always looking. Forward for opportunities and most important the one who loves being his father’s follower.


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