Himanshu: Working with Kangana was a big challenge!

1 April, 2016

Himanshu Sharma, who won the National Award for his dialogues and story in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, speaks about working with Kangana Ranaut after Queen


Himanshu Sharma is currently on cloud nine after bagging a National Award for his story in Tanu Weds Manu Returns which is a sequel to 2011 film Tanu Weds Manu.

Speaking about winning a National Award, an elated Himanshu says that he did not expect such honours for his film. “I did not expect this but I feel great, very overwhelming. My parents are very happy. I am humbled and delighted,” Himanshu averred.

While it was fun writing the second instalment of the film, Himanshu also talks about the challenges he overpowered for the same. “I just wrote what I could. It was fun at the same time challenging at several levels. You have to carry forward what is actually finished in your head. Apart from that, Kangana Ranaut was coming after Queen and this was a big challenge. I was blown by seeing her performance in Queen. So I asked for a little more time because if not better I have to come up with something like this. I couldn’t have offered anything lower,” he said.


When asked if he spoke to Anand L Rai, Kangana and Madhavan after winning, he said, “I was sitting with Anand only when we got this news. We already knew that Kangana won the Best actor female award and we were discussing about it when the phone call came in saying I has won the award for the Best Film. I was very happy and later in the evening I spoke to Kangana. We both were laughing and congratulating each other.”

So, will there be some celebration soon? “There will be a big party very soon I presume. Kangana was out of town. Now that she is back, we will celebrate,” Himanshu concluded.


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