Aman Triikha: Singing for Varun is a big highlight

25 July, 2016

Aman Triikha speaks about his latest hit track from an upcoming film hitting the right chord among the audience


After making his mark in Salman Khan starrer Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Aman Triikha has once again won hearts with his latest track from Dishoom, ‘Jaaneman Aah’. In a candid chat, he speaks about working with Pritam da for the first time, music trends in Bollywood, singing reality shows and more. Excerpts from the interview…

Your latest song ‘Jaaneman Aah’ crossed over a million views on Youtube in just 24 hours. How does it feel?

It makes me feel euphoric. And it has crossed six and a half million plus hits in six days, one million adding up every day, which is incredible.

How different an experience was it to sing this song?

It was ultra special to record ‘Jaaneman Aah’, it being my first release with Pritam da as a music director. Secondly, the song however it seems easy-going while listening, it’s not so actually in reality. It comprises a lot of variations in the expressions and voice modulations and hence tricky. Singing for Varun Dhawan is also a big highlight. He told me that he loved my voice in the song.

What do you think made the video so popular? Is it the Parineeti-Varun combo, the peppy lyrics, beats or the voice?

It’s the combination of everyone’s hard work; be it this catchy tune of Pritam da , out-of-the-box whacky yet relatable lyrics of Mayur Puri , the whole team of arrangers – programmers to give this groovy beat and the hot sizzling chemistry of Parineeti Chopra-Varun Dhawan , with the singing of Antara and me (laughs).


Is it a promotional song or is the song part of the film?

‘Jaaneman Aah’ is very much the part of the film coming in the Abu Dhabi sequence of the film adding the spice.

You teamed up with Pritam for the first time, how was your experience working with him?

It was a dream come true to sing for Pritam da. I had always been singing lots of demos for him and everything right got together for this song.

Who else do you wish to work with in future?

Everyone from AR Rahman Saab to Vishal-Shekhar, Amit Trivedi to Amaal Mallik, I would love to work with everybody. There are so many young composers who are exceptionally talented and I wish to sing with each one of them having different styles. My wish list is quite a long one.

With number of singing based reality shows coming up these days do you want to try your hand in being part of such shows?

Recently, I featured in SaReGaMaPa this season as a jury member along with the leading music composers of the industry as the mentors. If something like this is conceptualised again, yes I would love to see the talented singers singing and performing their heart out on that stage.

Do you think such reality shows have the potential to churn out good singers?

Yes it does. But the real struggle starts once that reality show ends, because then you’ve to rebuild your identity amongst the music industry and masses after months of featuring in the reality show. And it is here, where most of them lose their focus and get distracted from their goal. One who continues to work hard, being grounded makes it in the long run.

With many untrained actors trying their hand in singing in films and music albums, do you think the importance learning music will somewhere lose its importance?

Yes, it has deteriorated. These days you have such terrific technology in sound post production which gives you unbelievable results, so the real knowledge of sur and taal take a backseat, which is quite sad. But at the end of the day, a singer is a singer.

Amongst the actors who debuted in singing who do you think has a good potential comparatively?

Ayushmann Khurana has already been doing both the things quite well. And Salman Bhai did a great job with ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ and off late Shraddha Kapoor with her musical rawness.

Do you have any acting aspirations? If yes, have you ever tried your hands in some?

I have done a few advertisements and also featured in some music videos. If something really interesting comes my way, then I might give a shot in mainstream acting. Primarily, music is the food to my soul!


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