Vikas Verma: I would love to play Kancha cheena in Agneepath 3

22 October, 2015

Vikas Verma, who is seen playing the second lead to Shahid Kapoor in Vikas Bahl’s latest film Shaandaar, speaks about the film, his career aspiration and more


He is known for his international looks, perfect physique and for baddie Englishman roles. Vikas Verma, who is seen in Shaandaar doing a Hindi speaking character for the first time, speaks about how he bagged the role, experience shooting with Alia and Shahid and his career aspirations

How did you bag the role in the film?
I was working out in a gym one day and I saw two guys working out on something and I thought advising them. After I did, I found out it was casting director Mukesh Chhabra. They called me to the office for an audition. I didn’t know the movie’s name then and after the audition I was in the movie. I was the first guy who was auditioned for this role. I took a lot of Sindhi classes for my character as I play a Sindhi in the film. I play a muscle maniac in the film who has eight and a half pack. I was on a high diet till the film was completed.

How was it sharing screen space with Shahid and Alia?
They were amazing. I have seen Shahid since the beginning of his career, from his film Ishq Vishq. I was also a big fan of Haider. While shooting for Shaandaar, I told him how much I loved Haider. He is a humble actor and a power house of talent. He has treated me like a younger brother throughout the film. We were shooting in UK and it was extremely cold there. Shahid used to take care of me there. He used to ask somebody constantly to get a jacket for me. Alia is the best new talent of this industry. They both are awesome. They both are Shaandaar.

It is Sanah Kapur’s debut film as well. So how was she as your co-star?
Sanah is a sweetheart. In the movie, Sanah loves me and I hate her. In real life we were always sweet to each other. We bonded well together on the sets. She used to tell me ‘Itne pyaar se mat baat karo phir character mein nai aa paoge’. She is born in such a talented family that she is naturally an awesome actor. She is going to be really happy because her work in the film is amazing.

You have played negative character in your previous film Yaariyan. Do you fear you would be type-casted or are you fine playing negative characters?
I could be more than just a villain. In this film this is what I am. I not only a villain, but I am also cute, funny, hot, maniac, full of everything. You will remember me after watching the movie.

Do you think your appearance- fair, muscular and heighted- is in any way an obstacle to becoming that typical Bolllywood hero?
I think yes, but I think no too. I would love to play Kaancha cheena in Agnipath 3. I would love to try different shades. Acting is all about trying different characters. You keep doing the same thing and nobody will like you. I can lose my muscle, gain weight, look bad, and look good, mould according to the character. I look international, I look good. I believe there is work for everybody. I think we can make an Indian James Bond and likely cast me.

What are your career aspirations? Want to explore only films now or you are open to television offers as well?
When I came to Mumbai, I gave many television auditions. Most of the replies that I have got is, ‘No Vikas you look too international, you can’t be Jagdish, you can’t be Suresh and You can’t be Ganesh. I was always worried about what is going to happen. I am open to host shows but I am not acting on television because I have some projects lined up so I don’t think I have time to do television on a regular basis.


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