Rishi expresses views on ban, invites twitter trolls

13 September, 2015

Rishi Kapoor expresses views on the various bans imposed by the Government, gets trolled by twitter users


Being the only Kapoor on social media, Rishi Kapoor has been very active on his micro-blogging account. The actor, who recently took to twitter to express his views on the ongoing bans by the Government, got trolled by the twitter users instead.

According to the actor, Government should stop imposing bans in the name of religion. Speaking about the same, he wrote, ‘My take on bans. Practise your religion within the four walls of your house. Stop imposing your beliefs and wants on others. Live and let live.’ This tweet of his, however invited wrath of many twitter users.

Responding to a twitter user, who wrote, ‘@chintskap Fools like Rishi kapoor eat beef; have a mini church at home and then call themselves a Hindu and comment on Hindu Saints. Sochna!’, the veteran actor, wrote, ‘What I do, eat, drink or pray is none of your business.’

Rishi Kapoor also clarified that he was not just a Hindu, but a proud Hindu who also respects faiths in other religions. He wrote, ‘There’s a perception that I am anti Hindu. Sad. I am a Proud, two times a day praying Hindu. But I respect other faiths too. I just say the truth!’

Commenting and posting on both random and burning issues is not new for the veteran actor. But the way he handles the wrath of the people on twitter is also commendable!


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