No one in B-Town rocks a party like SRK!

24 October, 2015

Says DJ Khushi, who is inevitably one of the most popular DJs in B-Town; speaks about working with the Baadshah of Bollywood, his music idol and more


Besides being Shah Rukh Khan’s official DJ, Khushi also enjoys the title of ‘the Bolywood Remix King’. In a candid chat, he speaks about his profession of DJing, his USP and other aspirations. Excerpts from the interview…

What is the best part about being a DJ?
Being a DJ is a responsibility. The entertainment of the night depends upon you. I owe everything I am today to my job. I’m lucky that I can do what I love and get paid for the same. I like the power that a ÐJ holds; it is his responsibility to provide good time to so many people he so that they forget their daily stress in the tunes of his music. I literally make people dance on my finger tips.

How was it working with SRK?
Working beside SRK was indeed my good luck charm and a stepping stone. His eye for perfection is what impresses me the most. He knows what he wants and gets the best out of you. He’s so hardworking and driven. His energy level is unmatchable. When you work with him, there is always so much to learn from him. I always push myself and try to create new stuffs for him and he always appreciates my efforts. He’s the soul of a party. There’s no one in Bollywood who rocks a party the way SRK does. Working with Shah Rukh Khan is not just a great experience but also an honour. During the Chennai Express promotions in New Delhi, Shah Rukh ji was on his way out and suddenly he came back to the DJ console and asked me if he could spin ‘Chammak Challo’ and he took the headphones to play my remix of ‘Chammak Challo’ and the crowd went crazy. He’s so full of energy that you never know what’s coming next.

What is your USP, what makes you different from others?
Besides my music, I feel that the fact that I don’t do DJing as a job is my biggest strength. I just don’t stand there and mix music because I’m paid to do it. I enjoy myself equally as compared to the people on the floor. If I can’t enjoy my own music means something is definitely wrong.

Who is your music idol?
The one and only Michael Jackson is my idol. There was and there will be only one man like him. He is single handily responsible for changing the face of global music and dance industry. Everyone owes a lot to him and other great musicians for such great music.

Any acting aspirations?
Not at the moment. Haven’t even thought about it yet but if something good comes my way then why not.

Any remix version of song that you wished you did?
I have done most of the hits in the last few years and I’m pretty happy with them. But yes I wish I had remixed ‘Tum hi ho’. But I ended up doing ‘Chahoon main ya na’ from the same movie and it did pretty well.


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