Nisha Rawal: Music is my new found love

13 December, 2015

Nisha Rawal speaks about her latest cover song ‘Choti si asha’ shot with underprivileged children of an NGO, her singing stint and more


After launching her her first cover song, ‘Tu bin batye’, Nisha Rawal has recently launched her second cover song titled, Choti si asha featuring under privileged children from Vatsalya foundation. From being a model to an actress to a singer, Nisha speaks about her journey so far. Excerpts…

After Tu Bin Bataye, what made you come up with concept like ‘Choti si Asha’?
My association with the Vaatsalya foundation has been since 2008. I have known them for a long time now. I believe if you are in a position to send a message across you should definitely take advantage of that. I was about to release my second cover, ‘Choti Si Asha’ that is when I thought of taking up the cause of street children. Vaatsalya supports street children. I thought association with them would send a good message. Besides, Choto si asha is a good song and goes very well with the cause. The children also got some exposure in terms of facing the camera. Everything fell into place and so we decided to do it.

You have raised funds more than your set target.
I am on cloud nine. We had planned a crowd-funding for Ketto. It was a 30-days target of raising Rs. 1 lakh. For every child we were raising One thousand rupees because we wanted to dress them in new clothes from head to toe, with shoes, t-shirts and track pants and everything. We managed to achieve the target within nineteen days itself. We have already crossed Rs. 1 lakh target. It is phenomenal and I am really touched by all my friends and fans, their gestures mean a lot.


What inspired you to take up singing?
I took a small break after Nach Baliye as I had a couple of injuries from the show and it took me about eight months to completely heal and I did a few commercials in the meantime. After I was fine I took up Lewis Terence dance academy. I really wanted to take my dance forward and I did contemporary for some time. Singing has been on my mind for a long time. Meet bros are very close friends of mine so they advised me to take up singing. They sent their teacher Sanjay Mishra to my house and I did a trial class. It was so amazing that I wanted to do class after class after class. I told my teacher that I really wanted to learn it. That is how music happened.

Out of modelling, acting and singing, what have you enjoyed the most?
I have enjoyed everything. I have taken everything slowly. It is not that I have jumped from one thing to other. In 15-years of my career, I have more than 400 ads behind me. I have done music videos, television, Bollywood and I have understood where I belong. I am fortunate that I got to experience so many things. Everything has its own importance. Being in front of the camera is my first love and music is my new found love. I would like to amalgamate both of this and put it in front of the audience.

How was your husband Karan Mehra as a director?
He was extremely good. He is also learning and raw. His experience in direction is definitely less than my experience in acting. This was actually the first cover that we planned properly, unlike the first cover. During the first cover, we were like chalo camera leke chalte hai. There was no make-up, no costume and it was very basic. Second one was much planned. Given the fact that it is just his second time venture into direction, he has done a good job.

Future projects?
I am not taking up anything right now because music requires complete training. I am working under a trainer and I am trying to learn guitar and I am probably going to try it for a month and see if that is the instrument I am interested in. I am really enjoying the phase and I feel I am back to school where I am learning and I have no reason put everything on a back seat right now.


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