Ameesha: Kushal made my girl problem a national issue!

26 October, 2015

While Kushal Tandon expresses his displeasure against Ameesha Patel for not standing up for the national anthem at a cinema house, the actress slams the television actor for accusing her of being non-patriotic


Celebrities taking to twitter to connect with their fans, expressing their displeasure and voicing their opinions are not new. The recent one to do so is none other than ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kushal Tandon.

Kushsal recently took to micro-blogging site to express his disapproval with regard to actress Ameesha Patel act of not standing up for the national anthem in a cinema hall. He wrote, ‘Well, was watching this movie at PVR Juhu. I had the last row. The national anthem was on and bang on down my seat on the next row, a girl was sitting when the national anthem was on. And everyone else was standing… I was like, who is she? Why is she not standing up? Maybe she is not well…or maybe she is handicapped. But then I saw that she was super normal. She was checking her phone while everyone else was standing to give respect to the national anthem. Guess who she was? Dear Ameesha Patel! Wow! Why? What were you trying to prove? Sad!’

Not much after the actor wrote against Ameesha, her fans came in numbers to support her. They not only condemned the actor taking a dig at her but also termed it as publicity stunt. Ameesha herself too came out to put her version of what really happened at the theatre.

Defending herself, Ameesha stated that she had some girl problem due to which she couldn’t stand up during the national anthem and that she was waiting for the movie to start so that she can address her girly issue in the bathroom.


Replying to the allegations of Kushal, the actress wrote, ‘I waited for the film to start so I could address my girly problem in the bathroom. I didn’t know that Kushal would make it a national issue.’ Elaborating further the actress also wrote, ‘Assholes like Kushal, who invade the privacy of a woman and their problems needs to be slapped.’

Apologising for misunderstanding the actress’ intentions, Kushal replied back on the micro-bloging site stating, ‘I did not realise that you were going through a girl problem since I saw you enjoying, laughing, standing, eating, minutes before the film started, next to the food stall before the anthem. I have mother and sisters and I respect their integrity as much as I respect my country. And as Indian would, I too took offense of someone disrespecting the national anthem irrespective of what a big star she is.’

Not only did he clarify his stand after the actress slammed him for accusing her, he also took note of her comments where Ameesha seemed to have taken a dig at his personal and professional life too. Speaking about the same, he wrote, ‘You don’t have to abuse me on twitter. It doesn’t suit you. Thanks for all the personal remarks on me and my career, I only wish you continued success.’


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