Tulsi Kumar: I am all prepped up for 2017!

17 December, 2016

Tulsi Kumar speaks about her high points of the year, performing live, acting aspirations and more


After a glorious beginning and a fulfilling end to the year, Tulsi Kumar has certainly created a niche for herself in the industry. In a candid conversation, the melodious singer speaks about her love for singing and connecting with the audience. Excerpts from the interview…

The songs of Wajah Tum Ho are already topping the charts. How does it feel?
It feels really very good. I am very happy that the year 2016 started with a bang for me with the song ‘Soch Na Sake’ from Airlift and is ending on a very high note with Wajah Tum Ho. I have practically three songs in the film and if I include the unplugged version, it comes to four songs. So, it’s been a fantastic year. I am all the more encouraged and prepped up for my 2017.

The songs of Tum Bin are still loved by people. How was it to be a part of its second instalment?
I had one song in Tum Bin 2 which was an out and out romantic number titled ‘Dekh Lena.’ There is also an unplugged version on YouTube in which I feature as well. I feel romantic numbers strike a chord with the audience and remain with them for a longer period of time. Being a part of Tum Bin 2 was a happy moment for me. Tum Bin was one of my favourite films. I was growing up that time and of course that time I hadn’t started doing playback. Tum Bin 2 is also very good and Anubhav Sinha has again done a very fantastic job.

Is there any of your favourite songs from the first part of the film that you wish you had sung?
Chitra ji had sung the title song ‘Tum Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise’ and that is my utmost favourite. But I never thought that I want to sing it in my voice; it’s just one of my favourites.

What excites you more, playback or performing at live events?
Both have their own charm. In studios, you get to learn a lot of things. As an artiste you come out with something new, something that is created and produced and that creation is relived on the stage with so many people. You get immediate response and you feel amazing. I feel performing in studios is creation and performing live is reliving that creation that you have produced with your team.

With many actors making their foray into singing, do you think technology has sidelined the people with real talent?
I think even back then many legendary actors like Shiv Kumar used to sing. Although, I believe they must be having the knowledge required, technology also plays a very vital role today. Today many singers are trying their hand at singing but the main versions are still sung by the singers. The versions that the actors sing are mostly for the promotions of the film. So it is not like if actors start singing, there will be no work for singers and stuff.

Good singers like Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik and Shaan are hardly heard anymore. Do you think singers have a shelf life?
I wouldn’t agree completely with it. Lata Mangeshkar ji was there for a very long time. Yes, every singer rule for a certain period of time and then change happens. Even Lata ji took a backseat when singers like Alka Yagnik came to the forefront. Everyone have their peaks. There comes a time when new voices are to be heard and I think this is how the circle works.

What are your take on singing based reality shows taking a centre stage?
I think singing reality shows have been part of our culture since the 90s. I also remember attending a popular singing reality show with my father Shri Gulshan Kumar ji. It really is very important and integral part of our industry now. The industry gets new talent from these shows. Even social media has become so much popular that one version of your song on YouTube and it can gain you fame overnight.

Have you been approached to judge any singing reality show?
I have not been approached yet but I would love to explore any such opportunity if it comes my way. I have in fact, opened my academy in Delhi. I give push to all the new upcoming talent in the field of music, singing and dance.

Being born into a family with musical lineage, was it obvious for you to become a singer?
Since childhood, I was always inclined towards singing. I used to watch television and hum songs and my father then felt that I have a voice that can be trained. My parents really helped me to polish my art of singing and here I am today. My family is very supportive but I always try to strike a balance. Also, my in-laws and husband really encourage me.

Any acting aspirations?
I have featured in my videos but I haven’t ever thought about taking acting as a profession. If it is a role which demands me to be projected as a singer them I might think about it. I am happy in my space.



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