Shiva: Shah Rukh has the best hair in the industry!

1 October, 2015

Shivarama K Bhandary, one of the city’s leading styling specialists, speaks about his background, passion and Bollywood aspirations


Fondly called as Shiva, the stylist is known for his innovative ideas and artistic hair styling. An affinity for innovativeness brought Shiva numerous accolades all through his professional life. He recently received a doctorate from the Executive Governor General of the European Continental University at the at the convocation of global professional entrepreneurship of Asia Chapter-2015 in Thailand. Shiva, today is widely known and respected in the glamour world. Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us something about your family background.
I was born in a small nondescript village near Mangalore, in coastal Karnataka. I lost my father at very tender age. My mother struggled to make ends meet. All this made me mature faster than the children of my age did.

You are known for your innovative and artistic hair designs. How did you develop a passion for this?
At the age of 12, I joined my paternal uncle at his salon. I was very curious and keen to learn more. I landed at Bhandup and started work at a salon. In 1984 I went to Qatar, Middle East. In Qatar, I worked in a club under manager, Atif Risc, an Egyptian, who left a profound impression on me. My humility and respect for work was a constant encouragement by him and that pushed me to do my best. In Doha, I got to work on various hair types of people belonging to different nationalities. An experience that later helped me realise my versatile style. It was here that the seed took root to grow into a chain of Shiva’s salon.


How has been your experience styling the celebrities?
Styling the all celebrities has been the greatest and happiest experience of my life. It has also been a learning experience. It has given me unparalleled fulfilment in my life.

One actor or actress you wish to style?
I would like to work with Iconic and upcoming talents of the film industry.

Any current Bollywood project? If Yes, which?
I have just wrapped with Calendar girls. I am looking forward to do more such creative works.

Who, according to you has the best hair in the industry?
Well, I feel Shah Rukh Khan has the best hair in the industry.

Do you consider somebody as your idol? If yes, who?
My father used to do the same work but unfortunately I lost him at very tender age. I couldn’t see him doing this work but I know he used to do hair-styling. I always dreamt about following my father’s foot-steps and I am here today fulfilling his dreams. So my father is my idol.

Tell us something about the social service initiatives that you undertake.
I have, along with my clan undertaken various social initiatives. Our social activities include, lending a helping hand to the Bhandary community for educational, medical and financial purposes, giving free haircut service to people in old age home and orphanages, and many other.

You have become an inspiration to many. What is your advice to young aspirants who wish pursue a similar career?
I believe that my talent is a gift of God. I never hesitate to share my ideas with anybody, who keen to learn. I am looking forward to meet young and bright creative artists. My advice to each and everyone from the coming generation is, ‘Eat Healthy, Think positive and Unique. Always stay passionate about your work. Keep upgrading your creative skills to the next level.

Any unfulfilled aspirations?
I always wanted to contribute for the Bollywood industry and work with prominent names. I envision myself taking my art and designs ahead universally. I dream of reaching out to every nook and corner of the country with my brand and for that, I am ready to put in as much hard work as possible and open up about 100 odd salons across the country.


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