Madhur Bhandarkar: I will show the film to Vijay Mallya

3 September, 2015

Madhur Bhandarkar speaks about his upcoming film Calendar Girls which is presumed to have a character inspired by the Liquor baron Vijay Mallya


Madhur Bhandarkar is a director who is known to make real life dramas. After successfully portraying the underbelly of the glamour industry through his films like Page 3, Fashion and Heroine, he is all set to depict yet other unexplored part of the glamour world with Calendar Girls. Speculations are rife that the film is inspired or based on the famous liquor baron and owner of Kingfisher group, Vijay Mallya.

Vijay Mallya has been a key source of contribution for the film as the inception of the idea to Madhur came from the Kingfisher calendars he had in his office. When asked Madhur if the film is based on Vijay Mallya and who is playing the character in the film, he said, “There is nothing about Vijay Mallya in the film as such. But yes, there is a role of a calendar owner in the film which is played by Suhel Seth. I know Vijay Mallya very well. He is dear friend of mine. I have been interacting with him for many years and he is the one who keeps sending me calendars every year.”

How did Vijay Mallya react to him making a film on the calendar girls? “Six months back Vijay Mallya celebrated his birthday and he invited me to the party at his bungalow in town. I went there and during our interaction, he asked me what this Calendar Girls all about? I told him you will know when I will show you the copy. I will try to call him up and show him the film. I would also like to call some ex-calendar girls also. In fact, I am planning to screen the movie to a lot of people from the calendar industry.”

Keeping in mind, Madhur Bhandarkar’s forte and strong content-driven films that he has delivered in the past, Calendar Girls is definitely the one to look forward to!


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