Armaan Malik: Salman’s version of Hero gave a push to mine

21 September, 2015

Armaan Malik speaks about rendering voice to the original ‘Main hoon hero tera’ song and more



Being a son to well-known composer Daboo Malik, and nephew to Anu Malik, one would think it would have been easy for the young Armaan Malik to make his foray into the industry. The young lad proves otherwise, as he makes his own way in. In a candid chat, he speaks about mentor Salman Khan, his reception in the industry, his inspiration and acting aspirations.


The title track of ‘Hero’ is sung by you and Salman both. How was your experience?
My experience was awesome. This was actually the first version that was recorded. The one I have sung is the original version and it plays throughout the film as the main romantic theme of the entire movie. When Salman bhai rendered his voice for this song, it got so popular that it gave a push to my version as well. I am thankful to him and his version. It is only because of him that ‘Main hoon hero tera’ has become hugely popular today.

You consider Salman as your mentor…
Yes, Salman bhai is my mentor. I have had this connection with him right from the start. He had also launched my debut album Krazy Konnection.


Coming from a family with a musical background was it obvious for you to choose this profession?
The decision to be a singer is completely mine. But, yes my parents also found this talent in me and they told me to take classes from a very early age. When I was probably six or seven-years-old, I started taking lessons in singing. Singing was something that came naturally to me. And I decided this would be my career, this is what I want to do. When I was eight or nine-years-old, I had already started doing playback singing for ads and jingles. Also, there was no pressure from my family.

Do you feel it is easy for the people with this kind of family background to get into the industry?
I don’t think so. I feel it’s even tougher. There is so much to live up to, especially, when your father has some great body of work, your uncle has done some great work and upon that your grandfather was a legendary music composer, so all that does have an effect on what you would do.

People expect a lot from you. At the same time, I think it helps us to get to the door.

This is also one aspect related to it. But at the end of the day, it is just talent that speaks. How much ever you get the opportunity, in today’s time I don’t think anybody will give you work, if you are not talented. The struggle that way becomes equal, both for the people who come in from out and for people like us who are from the industry. For us, it is a bigger struggle to get out of the shadow of our families and make our own identities.

How did the industry people receive you?
I did it all on my own, not having sung either for my uncle or my dad. I started singing for different composers, like Vishal Shekhar for Bhoothnath, Salim-Sulaiman for Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii, Chillar Party and Shankar Ehsaan Loy. I approached them at a very young age itself and sung for them. I think they were quite welcoming at that point and even today, they feel proud that they have seen me grow so much.


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