Salony: Pakhi is an actor’s director!

8 February 2017

Salony Luthra speaks about her upcoming short film with the director, her love for theatres and more


After making her successful stint in the Tamil industry with her power packed performances, Salony Luthra is all set to make her mark in Pakhi Tyrewala’s upcoming Short film Kajal. In a candid chat, she speaks about shooting with a female crew, her upcoming International film and more…

Tell us something about Kajal and your character in it.
It is a coming of age film. It is basically about a girl who is new in a city and is trapped by the dominance of men around her. It is a story of a normal working woman so I had to put on weight for it because it is about a woman who doesn’t think before eating her food.

How did you come on board for the film?
I was shooting for a Tamil film in Singapore and I had met Paki Tyrewala once or twice for some other film. She offered me this script and asked me to read and get back to her. I really liked the film so I agreed to be a part of it. The unique part of the shoot was that it has about 90 per cent of female crew members. Except for the first Assistant director and the cameraman, every other crew member was a female. It helped because we needed a lot of female energy on the set. It was fantastic actually.

How is Pakhi to work with as a director?
Pakhi is a fantastic director. She is a very organised and a detailed person. She is an actor’s director who loves to tell simple stories. It was a pleasure shooting with her.

You have successfully made your mark in Tamil films with your two powerful performance oriented films. Do you look forward to widen your horizon in to other languages as well?
I am a Punjabi girl. I am from Shimla. Tamil films happened to me because I have always looked in to performance oriented films. For me, languages are never a barrier.

Have you been getting offers from Bollywood as well?
I am looking forward to do some good work in Bollywood too.

We heard you have been rehearsing for your play. Which play are you currently preparing for? Tell us something about it?
The play is called Blackbird and it is a famous British play. Popular Hollywood stars have been part of this play. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever read in my life. The play is very well written. Being a female actor, for me, it is once-in-a-lifetime kind of role.

You have mostly tried it all… Theatres, films, modelling, ad films, short films… Which amongst this do you enjoy doing the most?
I love doing films the most as I love getting into the skin of the character and I love reading scripts and lines. Even theatres, as an actor it really pushes you, every day is a challenge. It is completely different from cinema.

What about television?
I have not done television yet. If anything interesting comes my way, I would love to give it a shot.

Tell us something about your future projects?
Apart from Kajal and Blackbird, there is an International project in my hand but it would be too early to talk about it right now. I will give away the details when the time is right.


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