Pallavi: Dev Patel is a highly skilled actor

2 February 2017

Pallavi Sharda speaks about her experience of working with the Indian origin Hollywood actor, her international projects and more


She might be missing from the Bollywood scene for a while now, but she has been actively hogging limelight on the international front. Pallavi Sharda, after her short sting in Bollywood, is all set to bounce back with her kitty full of projects.

When asked about the reason she has been away from the silver screen, the actress said, “If the ‘scene’ means India, then yes. For the past two years I have predominantly been shooting foreign projects such as Lion, Shambhala and Sedition.”

Pallavi was also part of Garth Davis’s Lion which is receiving rave reviews from the critics as well as the audience. How did she bag the role? “I read for the role with Australian casting Director Kirsty McGregor back in 2014. It was a year before we ended up shooting the part,” Pallavi added.

The film also starred Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel. Speaking about her experience of working with the actor, she added, “Dev is a very warm and generous person, as well as a highly skilled actor. This are qualities which make him very enjoyable to work with and chat with. His fun loving camaraderie with fellow actors was always very special.”

Although her Bollywood films have not gained much of appreciation, Pallavi doesn’t blame her choices of films. “I always make choices which feel right at the time. An actor can never determine what the box-office outcome of a film is, or how other elements of production pan out. Our job is to go to set and do our best to fulfil the vision of the script and the director, something I’ve always done with utmost sincerity,” she averred.

Born and brought-up in Australia, Pallavi says her parent inculcated Indian cultural values in her right from the start. “I grew up in Melbourne, Australia but had a very Indian upbringing. My parents did a wonderful job of inducting my brother and I into Indian cultural values and language. They were both academics which made me academically inclined at a young age. I studied media, law and French at university but always knew performing arts was my calling. My Bharatha Natyam practice has been a very important element in my life. And ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to become an actress and a dancer,” she said.


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