Omung: For me actor is my priority!

1 January 2017

Omung Kumar speaks about Sarbjit making it to the list of Oscar nominations this year and what makes it stand out from other films


Omung Kumar’s directorial Sarbjit has made it to the long list of 336 feature films eligible for the upcoming 89th Academy Awards along with MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.Speaking about how much privileged he feels for the same, the director said, “It feels fantastic and top of the world. We have this dream since childhood that one day we will get an Oscar. At least you should be nominated for an Oscar because the tag of Oscars remains all your life. All said and done, while making the film you just want to make the best movie possible and you don’t think about any award. Suddenly you get nominated for the Oscars and it is a dream come true for you. Actually, this is not the official entry of India. Puja films, Vashu ji and Jackky Bhagnani believed in the film so much that they pushed it as the individual entry into the Oscars. That is why this happened. Bhushan Kumar is also very happy. My partner Sandeep Singh is ecstatic; he is like this is the best thing that can happen to us. Dalbir Kaur also called me. She is like ‘ye toh humare poore village ko proud kar dega’. It is a good feeling. Even M.S. Dhoni – The untold Story is also on the list. We are proud that as well. It is not like we don’t have prestigious awards in India, we are equally proud to get the National Award. Oscar is an international platform and when India gets recognised on a global platform, we feel proud. You get worldwide recognition.”

What makes Sarbjit so different from the other films? “I think because it has an international subject. A person stuck in jail for 23 years, and people striving to get him out. It could have been a Hollywood film straight away. I think that is why it touched people and that is why it got selected,” he added.

After Mary Kom and Sarbjit, is there any other subject that has caught his mind lately? “Right now, I am doing Bhoomi. It is Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film and it is a father-daughter story. I am shooting the entire film in Agra. We start shooting in January for two months and the film releases in August 4. It is not based on a particular true incident but there were many similar incidents and it is based on the same. It is a full on Bollywood story. For me, the actor becomes priority and the story has to restructure itself so that people can stand out and take notice. This is my criteria of filmmaking,” Omung said.

Shedding some more light on his forthcoming film Bhoomi with Sanjay Dutt and the pressure he feels for the same, he said, “It is an honour to direct him. Comeback films always attract eye balls. I want Sanjay Dutt to be proud of the film that he is doing. This should be his best film for life. So that pressure will be there. Otherwise, Sanjay Dutt loves the subject and that is why he said yes to this film.”

The multi-faceted director has also been enjoying being an art director before and has even hosted shows. Further elaborating about what he enjoys doing the most, he averred, “Everything is equally hard working for me; be it directing, hosting or designing sets. I am touching every aspect of what I have in me. If I am perfecting it, if I am loving it and that becomes my speciality. Both parallel lives I am living. I am still making sets and I am still making films.”


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