Nidhi Sing: Shot in extreme weather condition!

17 February, 2017

Nidhi Singh speaks about shooting for Adeeb Rais’ short film, web series and future projects


After winning millions of heart with her character Tanya in the widely-loved web series Permanent Roommates, Nidhi Singh’s kitty is full with her upcoming projects. In a candid conversation, she speaks about her upcoming short film Lovey Dovey, next season of her most loved web series and more. Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us something about Lovey Dovey and your character in the film.
I play the character of a teacher who is an Army man’s wife. The film is about this newly-weds, who supposedly have met through arranged marriage, and their start to a lifelong friendship through some awkward moments and hesitated conversations, on Valentine’s Day.

How were you approached for the role?
I got a call from Adeeb Rais through some common contact. I was shooting for another movie at that time. I heard the script and loved it. I couldn’t meet him for a long time because I was travelling. But then it finally happened because I could connect with the story as my mother is a teacher and I was raised near the army campus in Allahabad.

How was Adeeb Rais as a director to work with?
He is a very calm director to work with. We shot for the film in a very extreme weather condition. The story is based in Chail (Himachal Pradesh) and to reach that place is in itself a pilgrimage. It snowed heavily a day before we were scheduled to begin shoots. So the atmosphere was freezing to temperatures as low as -3 degrees. I specifically remember our last scene in Balcony where everyone from the crew was literally shivering every time we looked at them after the take. The entire team was very supportive. Adeeb is an extremely calm director and his calmness is infectious on sets. He is someone who is very clear about his ideas. The entire team was excellent. We finished shooting in like two days which is a record time.

Was it difficult to work with a debutant (Rajeshwar Nag)?
It wasn’t difficult to work with him at all. He is a very good hearted person. You somebody can be very talented but very difficult to work with. But luckily, everyone in our team was very nice and supportive. I had a blast shooting for this film.

People loved you in your web series Permanent Roommates. Do you wish to come back with more parts of it?
There are talks for another season. But our writer Biswapati Sarkar has a line-up of things to write on. So it is going to take a while. But yes, hopefully we will come up with another season soon.

If given an opportunity, would you love to explore the medium of television?
I have had opportunities in the past but those were not so concrete. I am very particular about content. Unfortunately, nothing interesting has come up so far. But if there is something I find interesting then I would love to explore television again.

You come from a very different background. Do you always wanted to be an actress?
As a child I wanted to be an actress. But for me, it was more like building castle in the air. We all had dreams as children. My surrounding didn’t influence me much because my father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher and my siblings are both academically inclined. So when I told my parents that I wanted to act, they did trust me. They came with me to Mumbai and that is how it all started. And from then on, it is one step at a time for me.

You have just wrapped the shoot of two films. Tell us about them.
One is a romantic comedy tentatively named Makhna in which I am starring alongside Saqib Saleem and Taapsee Pannu. It’s a fun film—very real, contemporary and young. The second one, Brij Mohan Amar Rahe, also has actors Arjun Mathur and Manav Vij in leading roles. It’s a rustic dark comedy, more of a satire.


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