Jubin Nautiyal: I want respect, not glory from music!

Jubin Nautiyal speaks about his latest single, its controversial leak and his future projects


Jubin Nautiyal, who has rendered his voice to the songs in hit films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, OK Janu, Kaabil and Jolly LLB 2, is currently riding high on his career. In a candid conversation, the singer talks about the controversial leak of his latest single, singing for A-listers in Bollywood and more. Excerpts from the interview…

Tell us something about your latest single ‘Haaye Dil’.
It is a song which is beautiful composed and all the music you are hearing in the song is live music. There is a lead guitarist, a drummer, vocalist and a guitarist. There these four people who are creating that sound in the concert. I really wanted to come up with my own. There was this time of Lucky Ali and I think that kind of music is missing. I wanted to create something that unlike something in Bollywood but Bollywood in terms of words. Shiv and Rocky (my composers) made the song for me. It was a two-year journey and after two years it is a good time right now. So they decided to go ahead with it. And I am glad people are loving it.

You must have felt terrible after the song illegally leaked before its formal release.
Honestly, I don’t know how much is spoiled. I am grateful that the single is doing really well. I am currently in the promotions but I have lodged a police complaint and I will find out who is behind the leak of the song. Moreover, I plan on doing this more often and I don’t want to cover my tracks, I don’t want it to happen to me all the time. I am very clueless about how this happened and I would want to know how it happened and who did it and why.

This song was initially part of an upcoming film which never saw the light of the day. Can you please elaborate on the same?
The song was basically for a film and it was supposed to be released in 2015. Unfortunately, the film got canned but luckily I had the rights of the song. I had given the rights of the song for only one year. These songs were made for my album but as the film was about musicians, they decided to incorporate it in the film. And the market for albums was also down at that time. So it would have been better if it came out through a film. So that is how I was convinced to do that project. Later, the film went on getting delayed. Although the film is ready, the producers did not release it. I kept on pleading with them that if not the film, let me at least release my music. But they had no intentions of releasing it. For two years I kept waiting. Then I spoke to my lawyer, got my paper work sorted and I was free to release the music. So I went ahead with one of the songs and it is doing amazingly well. It is high time for the producers to realise that they should release the film. This song would be like the promotional song of the film.

Do you think it would have made a difference if the song had released with the film?
It was supposed to release in 2015. During that time I hardly had any projects or songs to my credit. If at that time an album of that sort had come, it would have created a buzz for me. But today I am at the peak of my career. I am singing the biggest songs of the country right now. So I thought this was the right time for me to come out with my single. This time for me won’t come again and again. I am singing for the A-listers in the Bollywood and it is the right time for me to come out with my music video. It was a tough decision to take but I think it has come out well.

You also play a lot of musical instruments. Are composing and directing also on your mind?
Honestly, no. I am a singer and songwriter so I do compose. But right now I only want to focus on my music. I want to make sure that I sing some good songs that I can be remembered for. I want to go for respect basically. I don’t want to go for glory. My single is like to the start to all these things. If you hear my voice in the single and other Bollywood songs, you would hear a different side of my voice. Similarly for each of my single I want to have something new about the artist’s expression. Music is about expressing and not about impressing. So that artist’s expression is missing sometimes I feel. I want to live up to that artist’s expression to my fullest.

You come from a very different background. Did you always wanted to be a singer?
Yes, I always wanted to be singer and I am glad that I found that our early and my parents found that out.

You have rendered your voice for Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Is there somebody else you would want to sing for?
I would love to sing song for everybody. I mean I have been lucky to have sung songs for Salman Bhai and Hrithik Roshan but I have not yet sung for Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. These two are the names I am a huge fan of and if given an opportunity, I would give it all.

Tell us something about your future projects.
My next is a song for Half Girlfriend and it is big. The song is called ‘Baarish’ and it is romantic track. I might plan for my next music video but there is still time for that.


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