Looking for some shopping therapy amidst your robotic life? All you need to do is board a local train and ta da! You return home with a handful of goodies.

The local trains of Mumbai are considered to be the lifeline of Mumbai. It is the most commonly used mode of transportation. Most of the commuters in Mumbai live in suburbs and travel all the way to the city for their work. So, most of the time of the Mumbaikars is spent in travelling in the local trains.

In this busy life where we hardly have any time to stand and stare, it becomes increasingly difficult for people, especially for the working ladies to take time out for shopping of basic daily necessities. It is then when the vendors come into picture. If local trains are considered to be the backbone of Mumbai’s transportation, then hawkers are considerably the most integral part of the local trains. The trains are always swarmed by vendors selling everything that you would ever need, right from a pin to a plane.  The hawkers in the locals move back and forth selling every imaginable essential commodity required in daily-to-day life like fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers, food stuffs, clothes, from kurtis to scarves, accessories like jewelry, purses, hair accessories, safety pins, needle and thread set, books and stationery, toys, seasonal items like umbrellas, raincoats and sweater. You name it and they would have it.

n the ever so crowded locals of Mumbai, it is difficult to imagine how these hawkers peddle their way through the crowd, but they do. They are so used to it that they would walk around with a host of products in their hand freely. They do not stay in one compartment for a long time. Once they are done doing their business in one compartment, they hop on to the other coaches or board some other train.

Shopping in the local trains of Mumbai can really be quite an experience. They in fact, can be both financially and emotionally rewarding. Here is a rundown of various perks of shopping in the local trains of this megacity:

1.  Ek teer se do shikaar


For the ladies who love to shop but hardly get any time, it’s a dream come true. You are almost drained when you are returning home exhausted from work and all the travelling. Stopping for buying grocery and vegetables would mean taking up more of your time. It is such cases those hawkers selling fresh veggies in the train feel like a blessing. You are not spending any more time on grocery than the one you are already spending in the commute.

2.  Cheap and best


Though the quality of the products is not that fine but the products are relatively cheap in price compared to the market price. And this is the reason that public do not mind spending in it as it’s relatively low in price and easily available.

3.   Impromptu shopping


When you are surrounded by a flock of hawkers carrying variety of products, you can but resist very little. Believe it or not, in no time, you would be carrying home things that you never intended to buy, things you never thought you needed otherwise.

4. Window shopping


Travelling consumes most of you time. And while you are travelling, apart from gossiping with aunties sitting right next to you or watching some fellow passengers fight, the best method to kill time is window shopping. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy things or not, just looking at the host of products moving around you is in itself a sight for soar eyes. Rummaging through a box of earrings, trying rings on your finger and painting your nails with different colours in the pretext of trying… You get your superficial satisfaction of shopping that doesn’t even cost you a penny! And guess what? In the meantime, you are also successful in breaking the monotony of your boring journey and reach your station faster than you had imagined.


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