Street shopping in Mumbai

Mumbai nagariya is not only the city of dreams but is also a shopper’s delight. While there are hordes of designer shops and malls, street shopping is the cheapest, fun and entertaining than all. As women and shopping go hand in hand, so does Mumbai and street shopping!

Be it luxury or economical, you just can’t escape from this kind of mania. Right from Hill road and linking road to Fashion Street and Colaba Causeway, the streets are flooded with vendors bringing their collection at wholesale prices from manufacturing units and are sold at throwaway prices. Although the prices may already seem reasonable, shopping here requires you to bargain and get it at even better prices.

While doing so, you are sure to come across various kinds of vendors and their selling techniques… Let me make you get acquainted with most of the kinds…

The loud speaker


You can spot this kind from long. From among the many who are trying to grab your attention towards their shop, this one does it by publicising at the top of his voice. Not only that, but he uses certain catch phrases that will make heads turn such as ‘Bhaav gir gaya idhar’… ‘loot ka maal hai le lo’… ‘raste ka maal saste mein’ etc.

 The chatter box


He is the one you start with asking about the product he is selling and he will end up asking and talking about everything else but that.

Last piece hai sirf aapke liye


 When a vendor tells you this is the last piece that is left and that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of buying it up before anyone else buys it, don’t believe him. He might have told this to every second customer who comes to his shop just to create that much needed hype and to make you think how popular or in demand is his product.

Na tera na mera…but ultimately mera!


With this kind, bargaining is not a piece of cake. He will argue and counter argue with you on the price and ultimately will come the most dreaded line… Na aapka na mera which means he wants us to agree to some middle price. But that certainly is not the case as the middle price he quotes still turns out to be in his favour.

The ‘I don’t care’ category


One of the techniques of bargaining in street shopping is that when the vendor doesn’t agree to the price you have quoted, you simply pretend to walk away so that the vendor calls you back fearing of losing a customer, either to agree with you or to negotiate further. Most of them call you back when you start to leave showing your disinterest. But there are also a few of them who would literally take some footage telling you that the rate is fixed and that he cannot in any way reduce the price or even negotiate. Disappointed, you start to walk away, desperately wanting him to call you back but in vain! He simply doesn’t bother to call you back and you curse yourself all the way for taking so much of footage!

The celebrity reference giving guy


He is the one who is very well versed with all the ongoing trends of Bollywood and television industry. Right from Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone, for the youngsters to Gopi bahu and Aanandi for the serial freak aunties, he will associate all his products to the celebrities.

The sister/mother/brother guy


 This is the one who becomes your instant relative. He will talk to you like he has known you for years and will refer to you by names like sister, bhai, aunty or uncle. He will not only treat you like one but also will go a step further and advice or command you buy or do a particular thing. Ekdum Haq se!

The unnecessary care taker


 For a seller, customer is the king and this category of vendors takes it a bit too seriously. He is the one who will treat you royally from the best he has got. Right from providing a stool to asking you for chai or thanda, this kind behaves in a way that makes you wonder if you are the first and only customer he has got all day. And after all those royal treatment, there is no way you can walk out of that shop without buying anything. Even if it means obligatorily, you are sure to end up buying something or the other.

‘Won’t-let-you-go-until-you-buy’ guy


He is the most persuasive seller. I dare you to enter his shop and come out not buying anything! No matter you like it or not, this kind will talk to you in the most convincing manner and lure you into buying at least something from him.


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