I happen to go through the ‘Brunch magazine’ this Sunday and came across an article by Seema Goswami titled ‘smiles to go’. The article elaborated on the importance of smile, its kind and how it is usually the strangest things that brings them on our lips.

It provided an impetus for me to ponder and write my thoughts out. Indeed smile is the most beautiful gifts of expression that we have got.

I know it’s no amusing. We all smile and we all know how good it feels both to see someone smile and smile ourselves. But little did we have ever realised the miraculous power that a simple, sweet, from the heart ‘smile’ possess.

It is both scientifically proven and a well know fact that smile can change our moods, relieve stress, calm fear and anxiety and above all brighten up our face making it look naturally attractive.

A smile is an answer to every question; it is an expression of encouragement. Besides it is one that grows every time you share it. Wearing a smile when you are amongst strangers is the best way to invite them to know you.

As Seema Goswami mentions in her article, “there are many smiles as there are occasions that bring them on. There are social smiles that we plaster on whenever we are out and in a company, there are fake ones that we immediately assume when a camera is trained on us & then there are genuine ones that transform our entire beings with the happiness that lies behind them.”

They say if you meet a person who has no smile, give him yours & that way you can pass on the benefits of smiling on to that person. It just takes a moment to smile but its effects are long lasting.

I hope everyone always find a reason to smile. Come on now, smile please!smile


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