Mind your own business!

They say you can choose your friends but not family. But like family there are also your office colleagues whom you cannot stop from entering your life. Speaking about them, there are many categories of people you find in all the offices. And no matter where you work, you almost end up having all of them everywhere. Here I mention some kinds I have around me… High Five if you have the same souls around you too! 😉

The Gossip Queen


No matter for what work and on what post she is hired for, her fulltime work is gathering information. Be it personal or professional, related or unrelated, necessary or unnecessary, logical or illogical, she knows about every happening in the office. For once, the news channels in the country will have nothing to report on the prime time but this Chugly Chachi of the office will always have some news or gossip to share, some real and some spicily cooked!

The undercover agent


These ones are difficult to spot. The easily camouflage amongst you and leak out all the necessary information to the boss. He basically acts as a spy hired by your boss to crack all the plotting you do against your seniors. So the next time when your boss is suddenly acting hostile against you, you know the office is bugged!

The ‘Yes Boss Man’


These kinds are the one who invented the phrase ‘Boss is always right!’ because no matter how evil the boss is he will still find him right. They will never miss out any opportunity of impressing their seniors. No matter whether they can complete the task assigned to them or not, they will always say yes to everything. Whatever the boss does, he will either support him, or join him. Despite being the most non-working person in the office, he will still be one of the Boss’s favourite employees. And no prizes for guessing why! Simply put, he is whom we address as ‘boss ka chamcha’ in the office.

The workaholic


 These are the sadist type who makes you feel bad about yourself by working more than you, ultra honestly. They come on time, start working without whiling their time away. They hardly take their lunch breaks and then continue with their works. No matter at what time during the office hours you see them, they will always be at their desk working, making you wonder if you are any less dedicated.

The Bagwati


She carries her sansaar with her. These kinds bring at least two to three bags to office making you wonder if they are shifting to the office itself. You will find everything you will ever need in their bags. Ask for any random thing and they will have it. While one immediate hand bags they carry will have their money purse, make-up, medicines and other daily requirements, the other small one will have her lunch box and bottle. And the third one will have a spare pair of sandals in case her current one gives up half way and spare clothes in case of emergency. Bagwatis are self sufficient ones. Even if there is an apocalypse around the corner, be assured she is ready and she will survive!

The glamour quotient


 These kinds are hired so that there are some good looking people in the office. They come to office all decked-up, they will be giving touch up to their make-up whenever you see them during working hours and they will spend last thirty minutes of their official hour in getting fresh and ready to leave office. They are basically eye candies of the office.

The ever hungry


Apart from what he/she is assigned to do, you will always find these kinds munching on some things or the other. Lunch time is a myth for them as all time is eating time for them. You will never find their desk empty. Visit them any time of the day and you will never return empty mouth. They are the ones who usually come with the biggest dabba in the office.

The not-so-secretive couple


They come to office together, sit together, work together, talk to each other all the time, get each other’s favourite foods in their tiffin boxes and leave office together… but they are just good friends okay?! Come on! All you these kinds out there, everybody in the office knows that you both are a couple. But no matter what they won’t accept it and still believe t\it is their best kept secret. Well, so be it!

The Social Media Savvy


Believe me or not these are the most irritating kind of people. These kinds are so social that they find the need to record every breath they take and let the world know about it! Like, seriously? Even during work, you can find their facebook and twitter windows open on their system. Posts such as ‘Too much work today’, ‘It’s work time’, ‘I am such a workaholic’, ‘In office, working’….etc etc are a common sight. And don’t forget their Instagram posts where they pose busy working on their desk!. Be it official dinner, meeting or a conference, they will find it necessary to post about each and everything.


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