Crazy, Stupid, Horror!

If you have a liking towards horror movies, you would know that they are packed from beginning to end with stupid people who do stupid things that get themselves killed. You usually can identify these horror movie morons quite easily because they are the ones who make you stand up and start yelling at the screen…

Stay in a cabin in the woodscabin

Trees all around and a breezy atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life… It indeed seems very pleasurable, right? Wrong! Most of the things in the horror movie start here. Tall tress covers the sunlight not allowing it to reach the ground. At night, the whistling sound, the hushed atmosphere and absence of light…all provide a perfect breeding ground for a horror story.

Buy your kid a doll


Now that is not the weirdest or a bad thing to do. But in a horror movie, it’s the cruelest thing you would do to your child.  You get your child the prettiest or rarest doll ever; unaware that it has been a house to a spirit or a blood thirsty demon already.  No wonder, kids have stopped liking dolls these days. These movies are to be blamed for making the prettiest thing, the most scariest things for the children.

Play With a Ouija Board


Play snake and ladder or ludo instead! Why an Ouija Board? It is used to call and talk to the spirits. And no matter how curious or excited you might be to do just the same, when it happens for real, it’s not funny anymore!

 Need to investigate


You are in your room and you hear a noise from downstairs or from any other room and you suddenly feel the need to investigate that in the middle of the night. I mean, you are not ACP Pradyuman where you will say, ‘Kuch toh gadbad hai Daya’! It’s the most foolish thing you would do. When you hear something freaky, just stay away from it. It’s the basic common sense.

Make noise while you are hiding


This is the most basic thing to not to do. When you are hiding from somebody and doesn’t wish to be caught, it is logical to keep silence and not to make noise so that you don’t get caught. But it just doesn’t happen that way. While you are hiding, you will suddenly see an insect and scream out loud. Seriously?  There is a much bigger thing waiting to kill you and you give up to an insect? Well, then you deserve to die!

Not believing


When you move into a new house and there is something strange that your kids start noticing and pointing out, don’t ignore them! As a child, they are more likely to observe and notice than you could ever. Also, if there are stories related to your house or people living in your surrounding one should not turn a deaf ear at them. I don’t say you should believe and accept everything everyone says. But hearing it out and considering it as a possibility doesn’t hurt, does it? As it is rightly said, Prevention is better than cure!

Not moving out of the haunted house


Once you understand that there is something seriously wrong in the house you are living in, it is only sensible to just pack your bags and leave quietly! You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes and investigate and solve the case. You would just regret and die at the end of it! Even if you survive, I bet you wouldn’t sleep for the rest of your life!

Trip and fall while running


How often do you fall down when you run? Only when you are being chased by a blood thirsty monster do you trip and fall. It’s not just that. There are still chances of you surviving the fall if you are spontaneous enough to pick yourself up again and run. But wait…this don’t happen, does it? You run…you fall and then instead of getting up again, you remain there gasping in fear, waiting for the monster to come and finish your ordeal! How awful can it?

The dreaded place


Out of all the places in the entire house, the so called ghost loves the attic or the basement part. Mostly every bad thing starts from a basement or an attic. So keep them off limit or even better just don’t have them. ‘Na rahega baas na bajegi baasuri’!

Don’t keep cell phones on silent


You have managed to run away from the danger and are hiding in a safer place. Just when you began to think that you might survive, your phone in your pocket rings. It rings loud enough to alert your killer of your location. How many times have your parents and friends scolded you for not replying to their calls because your phone has been on a silent mode?  And when the time comes when it is necessary for you to do so, you just end up doing just the opposite.

Taking stupid decisions


When you realize there is something wrong in the place you are, there is one in the group who suddenly decides to split the group and check. Who does that? When in danger, it is sensible to be in groups and not split up. It’s like inviting the ghost saying, ‘Hey! I just made it easier for you. Come and kill us…we are all yours!’ Running upstairs where there is no escape instead out of the front door and hiding under a bed like the ghost would miss that one place! Does logic and common sense just give up in such situations?

Bringing home strange antiques


Collecting old antiques and decorating your home with them to give that regal look to it is a good thing to do. But it’s best to assume these old antiques will in the long run just cause you grief. Be it a mysterious old box with no key, some type of weapon from the Dark Ages, a creepy old baby doll, or a dusty book  all of these would bring nothing but screaming horror into your life.



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